How Can i regulate the duration Time for in and outcoming cash?


Hey there, in the earlier Version of the Game the duration of the Green income was much longer than now - How Can i regulate this? Thank you!!


I’m not sure I fully understand the question, however if you are looking at the balance of money in the bottom right hand corner, to me, it does as a rule not matter if its red or green, as long as I’m having a positive increase, even if I’m 1.5mil in the red.


You cant, I would like to have an 72hr window.


Sorry for my School english ;). Let me try to explain: if a plane landed or s Fuel truck refilled a plane you Can See the income over the plane - this Happens very shortly. This was longer in the past :slight_smile:


Ah, I understand know. I think that might have to do with time being altered in the newest versions. Bug report it then.