How do you do this

So I dont know what topic to put this on so I’ll put it here

how do you increase the rating of the airlines?? Wild cat is doing good but I dont know whats wrong with the others, if the solution is obvious I’m sorry I’m new to this game HAHAHA :sweat_smile:

You want to increase the services available to aircraft (e.g. Catering, waste collection) and make sure they can arrive and depart on time.

This is just my preference, but I’d also select the option (Black drop-down box, at the top left) to always send away aircraft to minimize delays.

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ohh okii, thanks for the tips :blush:

My experience is that airline rating is most strongly influenced by:

  1. Time - new always start at 25%
  2. Successfully turning around flights for their airline
  3. Successfully turning around flights On-time for their airline
  4. Service Availability of services desired (ramp, baggage, waste, catering, and de-icing [even if in non-ice location]) by their airline
  5. Stand Availability (stands of desired size) for flights offered by their airline

Again NOT official listing and not entirely in the priority order (love DEVs to weigh in) but this has been my experience.


For me, provide all turnaround services, be on time, and assign at least 1 stand for that airline.