How to connect stands to runways?


Everytime I have a plane in the stand (not commercially operational yet), it says: Cannot depart due to the following: Runway 11 is not connected to medium stand. Make sure they are properly connected, and an exclamation mark on the plane. What do I do?


Post a screenshot of the route from your affected stand to your runway, please. So we can take a look at it instead of using a crystal ball. :wink:

Most likely you just did oversee some detail.

Also you can check the settings of your runway, if it allows departures or if it’s mistakely set to arrivals only.


What do I do?

So since you get this message after the arrival of airplane, it can mean that aircraft cannot find a path to the runway for departure.

As Seraphin said could you provide a screenshot?



We need to see the whole way from the stand to the runway, not only the stand itself.



Unfortunately the window of the runway blocks some sight onto the route, but I assume its the same as the other parts and you did check for missing path nodes. Also I assume you didn’t use one way nodes yet, as it’s a simple design …

I can’t recognize any obvious mistakes so there’s possibly a bug. Maybe someone else has some ideas, else I would send a bug report.

edit: Did you change pushback nodes for the stand? You could check if pushback is supposed to be finished outside an path.


Oh! The toggle commercial flights button!


Maybe thats the problem! I did not set it on.


Is it working now on all stands?


Wait then how you manage to get that flight in first hand? :open_mouth: