How to download ACEOMM

Hello everyone, how do i download the airport ceo mod manager. i go to the google drive link and download all the files, what do i do from there

where am i supposed to download them too as well @pderuiter

you extract the zip somewhere. then you get the exe file from the google drive (because ; updated it to work with airlines).
you also download the liveries folder from google drive and put that in the aceomm data folder.
On the forum is a tutorial about how to make new companies and edit existing ones. (In the mod manager topic)
For airlines you edit / create one and add a livery to it on the edit screen.
Then press thr indtall button. Aceomm will detect where you installed the game and install the companies

What zip file?

what exactly did you download? In the mod manager topic is a link to my google drive where you can download the mod manager, including all companies we have so far. Thats also where you canbl download all liceries the community has made available

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so i opened the drive and downloaded the exe. it doesnt open so im not sure what im doing wrong

sorry i dont mean to be annoying. I opened the drive and i’ve done two things, i’ve tried downloading the entire folder as a zip and just the exe file. neither works for me

Havent had time to look into this.
What Should work (although i heard differently) is to download aceomm.7z and unzip it somewhere. Then download aceomm.exe and overwrite the older exe from the zip

But why is not found?