How to make a world bigger

This is the shortened version of

this will show you how to make a world larger than the defalt 700x700.

step 1: open up ACEO as normal, make a new game, save it. call it something original so it’s different than you’re other saves

step 2: open up your JSON file editor, if you don’t have one download one off the internet. i used one called “Ultra Edit”

step 3: when you try to find the file, you want to type “%appdata%” into the “pc” part of file explorer (i have a windows 10, i’m sorry mac users)
like this

then follow this path: apoapsis studios> Airport CEO>Saves

once here, open you’re save file you want to edit, i want to edit “XL World” so i open that

here, the file you want to worry about is the one called “Game Data” (i’ve already edited this world, you won’t see the one called “GameData.json.bak”)

step 4: edit ONLY the worldsize x and y (z if you want but you don’t get more flores)
they are found here

(again, i’ve already edited these, they are originally 700)

Step 5: change x and y to your desired size
Caution larger worlds take longer to load and can be unstable, use with caution

Step 6: save you work on the JSON editor, if you did it right, there should be a green dot beside the project title (see picture above)

Step 7: load your save in ACEO. DO NOT SAVE saving will reset the JSON file, save after you reload.

Step 8: enjoy you world, but there is this:

you’ll have to F10 and disabled construction sim to reach that

there you go, now you know how to make worlds bigger
If you need help, you can message me


not sure if this belongs under “modding” or “tutorials” could someone please tell me?

Always the first thing I do. I usually build a horizontal road first at the bottom and replace the construction stuff before I save and leave the game.

Welcome no-fun!

As you go step be step it’s a tutorial

Keep in mind that by doing this, you no longer get the support from the version and things break.

I’m currently trying to figure out why jetways do not work on my airport with everything set up and zoned correctly. If i remove the jetways, everything works.

If i add the jetway, an aircraft literally gets stuck on the runway.

Mod carefully

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k, changing now

Totally correct, if you alter the map size logically all support drops from the devs, so please also always state that you have altered the map size if you report an issue with the game on the forum. Maybe even better to open a separate thread for issues when you changed the map size, so you can discuss it and maybe sort it out amongst yourselves and the devs do not have to take a look at it.


You can simply edit the saving by notepad

interesting, didn’t know that.