I think the Money calculator is slightly broken

Hi there, after playing a few hours something stuck out to me. (love the game though)
According to the in game budget overview i was making about 8k an hour. however, my money kept decreasing. after watching it for roughly 24 hours (in game time) here’s where we are:

expenses/h = 21k rounded up. profit/h = 29k (average)

21:00 hours (sorry no screenshot) cash: -172.027
21:58 hours ( Imgur link ) cash: -153.625
now, my stated profits are 29k. this should leave me at -143k but, sure.
22:00 hours ( same link ) cash: -177.187 (153.625-21.000=174.625)
my expense calculated to 21k but again, sure its only 2.5k
22:58 hours cash: -159.370. okay, sorry? -177+29=/= 159. its = 149.
23:00 hours cash: -177.471. alright then so i made profit both last hours of 16k but my debt is higher than with what i started at 21:00?..?
Further steps would be (-149-21= -170.)(-170+29=-141)(-141-21=-162)(-162+29=-133)(-133-21=-154)
a slight profit /h of 7-8k, but instead thats 168k-192k a day being miscalculated

now, an argument is that I’m not including parking money on 21:00 but lets do that calculation
21:00 hours -172.000-9500 (parking money)= -181.500 " real debt "
21:58 hours -181.500+29.000 (total profit) = -152.500 fairly close to what i stated above yes? alright.
22:00 hours -152.500-21.000 (expenses (12k+8k+1k variable) = -173.500 again, fairly close right?
22:58 hours -173.500+29.000 (profit) = -144.500.
But what I’m left with is -159k when it should be -145k.
Somewhere still, 14k has gone up in flames.

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I have noticed similar things in the budget as well. I had around minus 200k. My day cash flow was around 100k positive, but I was still around 170k in debt. So somehow someone is using the airports bankaccount for personal use. :thinking:

Also supplier purchases should be in expensive before profit, since when the fuel e.g. is sold, only the difference between the selling and buying price is profit.

Yeah, thank you. I have a run my local airport in the game. And i can’t make money somehow. I’ve really turned the figures around to try and figure it out. But what i can i see i have really high operations cost.

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