[Idea] Flight planning


I just saw the video and I realised that when you don’t have any way of knowing if an airline has unscheduled flights (apart from looking at them directly). My idea is adding a sign (e.g. a red circle) in the corner of an airline if it has unplanned flights.
Great job, thanks.


Is there such thing as a unscheduled flight unless it is a positioning flight?


The only unscheduled flights are GA flights.


How do we factor in time spend on using the runway as well as taxi time?

I can see this being in an issue as your airport gets busier.


But I mean the ones that are from an airline contract before you place them on the timetable.


Yes. When you sign a contract with an airline you have to schedule the flights. That’s the unscheduled flights I meant.


Oh right :+1:


Actual lay GA are actually scheduled for renting or flight school. For the time they have it so it isn’t as disorganized as it may seem


The flights will not come until you schedule them. Unscheduled flights will just never spawn and when the contract expires and these have not been completed,you will receive a negative rating as well as a penalty.


Yes but I meant as a reminder if you had forgotten about them and you don’t want to receive penalties and bad ratings.


Do you mean that u can’t See the ga flights in the schedule? Normaly the Runway is Blocked for this Time ?