Immersive Sounds


I believe it was mentioned, but here’s my thoughts. Someone was talking about ATC announcements and here’s my thoughts. It’ll take some work, but I feel like sounds should be heard only if you’re zoomed into the area, and you only hear the sounds of that area. For instance, at the foot of the runway, you’ll hear only spool ups, tire squeals from landings etc, but you wouldn’t hear computers or gate agents. In the terminal, you’d hear sounds of gate agents or restaurants… Etc etc etc

I think if you assigned sounds to items, maybe we could hear it? Dunno if it would work, but I feel like it would be cool!

Landing and arrival annoucements

I like the idea! PA has something similar


That’s what made me think of it, and I’d noticed mention of sound effects, but people were saying “It would get annoying” etc etc, and I feel like this process would work better!


Have not this already been discussed?


That was a comment and not a topic, by creating this topic we can discuss this rather than other things in the other topic


We have 3d sound in the game, so we create sound sources and attached them to an object or a particular area. This way you will only hear what you are looking at/zoomed in on. These also have a defined range so louder noise can be heard further away.


I think it will be also awesome to hear planes ask for permission to land/take off if you look at the ATC tower or at a plane that is about to land/take off


And thus, the circle to the other, almost identical, thread has been completed!


That’s actually really cool! Can’t wait to see it in the video!!