[Implemented] Large Jets

Feature request title:

Cargo planes and large passenger aircraft


There should be cargo jetliners and heavy passenger aircraft (747, a380, 777x, 787). Cargo jets would have special loading bays and a separate terminal serviced by staff only. Cargo stands would require deliveries from inbound shipping trucks or transfer cargo from other delivery flights. Cargo would require a new package handler vehicle and shipping truck. Large aircraft would need long enough runways to function. Large passenger aircraft would need a heavy stand and possibly international check in / check outs. A new type of check in / check out would be needed to handle customs, passports, and international travel.

Why it should be implemented:

Large international airports have both cargo and large passenger jets.


As that is something I am actively working on with both of these topics, you might want to split them into two separate ones?

They are both great mind you.


Cargo planes? YES
Big passenger airplanes: NO at the moment because smaller airplanes are more fun to play with :slight_smile:


+1, but indeed better to split these two

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If we want bigger planes, we need bigger plots to be build on.
But yes for me :grinning:

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bigger planes

Yeah please add large stands for commercial & GA! This would make available 767, 777, 787 & A380… A private 767 at a remote stand would be great, for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwhbZBbZJH0

I feel like the same thing that happened on “select the next aircraft” feature voting will happen here again. Some people just want big airplanes because they are fanboys of them. Like how it happened in 757, people choose it because it was just “the biggest” airplane on list.

NO: AirportCEO is a great game with small/small-medium airplanes and it has to syat like this until it gets ready.


An A380 stand would take half of the airport space. I would love this feature but worry that the space given for an airport wouldn’t be enough to use an A380 or even a 777.

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As much as I would love large planes, the map is way too small. Even when the map size was larger in the past it was too small for large stands.

Cargo definitely is a yes though.


This idea would be awesome!!

Lol! Speak for yourself bro… They are a good start… Big is awesome.

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