IMPORTANT ***Contribute to game's Wikipedia page*** IMPORTANT


I have created a Wikipedia article for the game! Please feel free to contribute and fill it with information! Wikipedia are trying to shut it down as it is “not improtant enough”! The more contributions the better!


That’s a great idea man. We all should help to fill it up.

Umm… except me :frowning:


Sounds like a Turkish official had a negative wiki entry and got mad, therefore wiki banned.


THiS aRtIcLE iS BEiNg cOnsIdErED fOR dELetIoN In aCCorDaNcE WItH WikIpEdIa’S dELetTIoN pOliCy


There was already a wiki thread, the devs will make a wiki when the time comes.


@Ryan this topic is about an article on the ‘real’ Wikipedia. Not about an own wiki for ACEO…


I don’t think it will be deleted as the same guy who nominated it for deletion has contributed a bit.


I meant that on the wiki thread, wikipedia was being discussed and the answer was the devs will make a page when the game is released.


Sincerely, I don`t really think the fans can really contribute at the moment on the wikipage. We might miss some important info about the game.The wikipage should be made when the game releases, when we have most info.


I kind of agree with Wikipedia on this one, it’s not important enough yet…


It is not needed yet, although I really like the concept, and it will be useful after the release.


i cant make an account from college currently as account creation is blocked due to vandilism for the ip range


Guys, relax. If Wikipedia guidelines says that an unreleased game with a new game studio does not belong there, we should listen and not fight it. I recommend someone to copy what you have written and wait until the time is right. Thanks


Thread consists of neutral and reliable information from the community, although the wiki page is a bit early.

I presume that once green-light has been initiated then it wont be too early then, its probably to early but press releases would mean outside sorces will be able to review and give notations to meet the wikipedia notability criterion


Is it ok if i copy the source here for when the time is right so that all can access it?


Just annoying how big games like FIFA get pages six months before relesase!:+1:


But a FIFA game releases every week :smile:


The page has been deleted. :cry:


Don’t worry - we’ll get it back. :imp:


Maybe when the game is released. :yum: