Improve for crossing of Service road and Taxiway


In real life many airport where service road crossing taxiway. Of course, this airports have a strongly rules for vehicles. One of them: “Plane always have high priority”, that’s mean, that all vehicles should give to a plane an advantage in motion.

In game we’re often can see, that plane goes through vehicle (or vehicle goes through plane)). How we can avoid it and make this game more realistic? Hm… I can offer to use “system”, which are using for rail crossing. Let look at picture:

Before crossing, on taxiway, we put a control point. In example, when aircraft cross point 1, all cars, which approaching to intersection on service road, which crossing this taxiway, must stop on special line. When aircraft leave intersection and cross point 2 after crossing on other side – cars can cross taxiway.

This small moment can make game realistic :slight_smile:

I saw this post(below), but my idea concern improve for it.


Avoid these “control points” but make the aircraft’s reserving their path for only a limited amount of tiles. Service cars would stop too, if there’s an aircraft approaching the service road crossing. Also other systems of the game would benefit from a limited path reservation by aircrafts. But maybe there should be different path reservations considered then: one for aircrafts joining into the same direction, one for oncomming aircrafts and one for vehicles crossing the taxiway … but now it’s getting offtopic.


I’m used a control point as example. Of course, it may be implemented via amount of tiles. Why not?)


At least I think it would need quite an evolved AI (for ground control) for this to handle all circumstances … let’s think about two taxiways just next to each other, different vehicle speeds or traffic jams. But for the start it could be kept quite simple and evolve over time as needed.


Yeah, but speed of vehicles must be low, when they driving near of taxiways. If I’m correct it around 10-20 km/h


I didn’t know that, I’m just aware that vehicles on the apron have to obey ground control just like aircrafts do.

Regarding speed I’ve been just refering to the max. speed of vehicles ingame and that a faster vehicle blocks an taxiway crossing for less time. If there’s a speed limit on taxiway crossings, this part would drop out.


Yes, of course all vehicles on apron must be in touch with ATC, but often they use it only in case of crossing runways, not taxiways. Regarding taxiway, they work like as “I see you, you see me, we’re both must make all safely”


Yes! I like it!


i dont know about passenger airports, but i know on raf bases (that i have worked at) they use traffic signals of a sort,


As I understand, you mean Royal Air Forces? Which signals do you mean?


so i have seen this outside of a base and also on the end of the runway inside a base. im guessing they are controlled by the atc?


Yes, all intersection with runway under ATC control. But here I tell regarding crossing taxiway, which doesn’t require ATC request.


Someone else with decent widths taxiways, yes! :grin: Also, good idea.


I post it when I was at work, that’s why I use a screenshot from bugs report )


I don’t know if it’s an universal indication, but in Brussels Airport they have a specifiek icon on the road for this.

Would alsoo really like it to have the posibility to place custumized markings on taxiways; to name them (inner, outer, apron X … ), or to mark a stand name on the ground. :slight_smile:


Yea, It will be great)


I did a vote request for that too. Taxiway, Stands and other taxiway markings


Yes ATC will be able to control them the same as how they would control taxiway and runway lights.


Incorrect, taxiway crossings are also controlled by ATC. Prime example RAF Gibraltar where dispersals and taxiways are controlled by traffic lights for aircraft movements.


At airbase may be some another rules, than in civil airport.
In Minsk airport we don’t request clearance from ATC for cross a taxiway, we’re check by ourself, that crossing we’ll be safety.