Improve for crossing of Service road and Taxiway


RAF Gibraltar handles more commercial airline traffic than it does military. At civilian airports I have seen the same procedures employed, LBA (Leeds Bradford Airport).

In the UK Military and Civilian airports all comply to CAA (Civilian Aviation Authority - national standard) and ICAO (International Civilian Aviation Organisation - International standard) regulations in regards to control.


But it under control AirForce, right? I can’t tell about it - I don’t know. I tell how it work in Minsk airport, where I work.
But clearance from ATC for crossing taxiway it’s strange, I think. Because airport may have a many intersections and service vehicles(push-back truck, fuel truck, cars, etc.) and all requests may disturb ATC staff.


Same standards of control from both military and civilian controllers, it has to be to set a correct standard the only difference is what they are paid. Taxiway crossings tend to be controlled by either traffic lights or lamp signals. For ground control of vehicles, in the RAF atleast we have three positions in the local control section of an air traffic shift, Local Controller (aircraft), Ground Controller (taxiing aircraft and vehicular control) and an assistant. The ground controller will tend to take care of vehicle crossings with the local controller but the assistant can also do that with the local controller.


May be, I’m not sure. May be guys from other EU airports can tell, how it work in their airports?


It wont be that different as Eurocontrol follows very very similar rules to the CAA (UK) and follows ICAO rules.


All airports must follow ICAO requirements and recommendations, but how it in practice? )


To explain it as best as I can, if this sounds condescending I apologise in advance.

There is a massive security issue in the world, governments around the world raise concerns and they go to the UN Security Council to try and sort it out and make a unified response to the problem. Air Transport is essentially the same as a world security incident, abstract I know but I will explain.

ICAO is the world standard but for it too be enforced by that level would be very difficult. It would be expensive as it would be centrally located (say New York) and dependent on national laws and standards would be difficult to enforce legally. so we know go down to national standards.

In the UK this is the CAA, adopted by government and operated within UK law but adhered to ICAO standard. CAA enforces rules and regulations and inspects facilities to make sure that standards are met. They would also keep a very close eye on the airlines as well.

Know you are from Minsk, Belarus is a part of EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) which covers the EU Also the UK is part of that organisation as well. So in some countries you will a national, regional and international body overseeing regulations and safe practices.

I hope that made sense, its a little difficult to go into as its a lot of jargon to explain. For me its not too bad as I did Military Flight Ops and ATC for 16 years.


Yea, I understand it) All countries use ICAO standards for national law, but it’s not mean, that all off them have identical rules.

I see, that you have a big experience in this question. I have pleasured to work with your colleagues from Brize Norton.


The best way all this could be put into the game would be a set of traffic lights controlled by the AI ATC Tower.