Improved Audio Experience

Improved Audio Experience:


Airports are noisy, chaotic environments, but this is not reflected in the game at present.

Even large jets are only audible when zoomed in to quite a close level. There isn’t much difference between the audio level of a large jet and a C208.

The sounds themselves are fine (the monstrous roar of reversers on landing would be welcome) but we can only hear one or two aircraft at a time. As soon as we zoom out to have say 5 aircraft on the screen, they are too quiet to hear.

I had hoped this would be implemented in Beta but haven’t seen any word of it, but it is important.

But I am happy with the current sound and don’t want to hear loud engines:

Fine, the feature could be implemented as a slider. Keep it low and you’ll only hear sound when you’re zoomed in, as at present. but increase the slider, and you hear your whole airport come to life.

Why it should be implemented:

Immersion. We’re normally quite zoomed out when we’re building our airports, and other than the generic takeoff sounds, there’s nothing to listen to!

I disagree… The music is plenty for me and the volume is pretty loud already. A slider would be great though