In-Airport Services?


Feel free to move this as needed, but I thought about something, and it leads to this.

For single level airports:

As I mentioned on another topic, “golf trams”.
They get used for elderly, handicapped, and occasionally a stray passenger. I got offered a ride after running nonstop only to miss my plane.

Moving Sidewalks are very useful, and I enjoy them, they are not only used for quicker point a to b travel, but also helps get a moment of rest on the trek, lol.

Wheelchairs and escorts? While I’ve only flown a few times, at every airport, I’ve seen escorts for handicapped passengers, as well as unaccompanied minors. I feel like this should be something available as well, makes the experience more in depth I think.

For multi story airports:

Elevators and escalators, nuff said. XD

I was wondering if we’d see any of these?

If I’ve forgotten any, feel free to add on!!!

Additional Services for a more comprehensive Airport Management Simulations

So far the devs have said no to multiple levels.


I’m aware of that, but they also said it’s gonna be something added in the future.

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The Travelator is a good idea, nearly every airport has them and they do a very big job in controlling passenger flow.

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That sounds like a great idea, my grandma always travel with a wheelchair escort! Would love to see that in game too!


Honestly, this type of stuff is so common for airports, i think it would be nice to see it all.

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It would be weird if those things weren’t added

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Regarding golf trams/carts, my suggestion for its implementation in game is that each golf cart is a purchasable asset that is shared amongst airport staff (ie airline agents). When accepting contracts for a flight, there could be a contractual obligation that states how many golf carts must be available for use during the typical ground handling time.

(I believe that IRL, airlines or ground handling service providers purchase their own golf carts…not 100% sure)

So for example, AB123 (arrival) has a ground handling time between 0700-0800 and AB124 (departure) is between 0800-1100. The contractual obligation could state that during both ground handling periods, a minimum of 3 golf carts is required. Then as CEO you would purchase 3 golf carts to meet that obligation unless you want to incur a fine.
Then you get another contract for a different airline with CD567 (1200-1300) and CD568 (1300-1600). This contract requires 4 golf carts. Then as CEO, you would only need to purchase one additional golf cart since you already have 3 available for use during that time. However if CD567 or CD568 overlapped in time with AB123 or AB124, then you would need to purchase an additional 4 golf carts instead of 1 because 3 of the existing golf carts are already assigned to AB123/124

As flights add up, it will become more difficult to figure out what is the minimum number of golf carts you need at any given time, but then the game should easily tell you since it knows the conditions of when to impose a fine.

Further, your airport is getting big, you are handling more flights, you’re gonna have a lot of golf carts. You will need to find a place to park them and to recharge their batteries. Hopefully, unlike the airport where I work at, the game will require a designated parking area (inside the terminal, and preferably in an area that doesn’t block or narrow passageways) that can fit a reasonable number of carts based on the zoned size or number of stalls. Depending on how the airport is set up and the transition between unsecure and secured areas, there will likely be multiple parking areas…
i) to maintain ease of access for airport staff to retrieve and park the carts
ii) to avoid passing through security with a golf cart

Therefore to fulfill condition (ii), a flight contract that requires 3 golf carts may require you as CEO to strategically assign 1 golf cart on the unsecured side and 2 golf carts on the secured side.

Golf carts can also pose a challenge when building the airport. As mentioned with respect to parking, you will need to zone several areas that are dedicated for parking carts.
However you will also need to ensure that passageways are wide enough for carts to pass through, and especially if congested is simulated, enough space for carts and passengers to pass by safely. Depending on the set up of the airport, you will also need to build elevators that are large enough to fit a cart, unless there are sloped ramps? Security stations somehow also need the proper clearance to allow a cart to pass.


I was referring to the ones similar to Charlotte, NC, with the terminal trams for handicapped or elderly, or paid passengers. I very kindly received a ride after asking because I had essentially killed myself in the process of getting to my gate. Horror story, that was, and for another time it will wait.

With these carts, you’re right about space and parking. I however noticed that they seem to approach security, but don’t leave the secured area. I guess this is their way of picking up the requested passengers? I found them interesting, to say the least.


Yup, same thing different terminology. They are primarily used to transport handicapped or elderly passengers. Less often it is used to transport personnel and commercial goods quickly.

In the case of your observation, it seems like the doctrine is to not have carts go through security.
On the pre-security side, agents probably have manually pushed wheelchair pax up to security, escorted them through, and then on the post-security side mounted the golf cart from there. Agents will have to “hunt” for their pax if they aren’t directly passed off from one to the other. When agents hunt, its going to be around where the egress of the security checkpoint is. These pax might have a sticker or badge pin so it is easier for the agents to locate and identify. Of course to confirm, the pax’s boarding passes will have an assistance/wheelchair code. Agents may have also recognized their appearances before they left the check-in area/office to perform the escort task.

I’ve also seen at pre-security side the use of golf carts to deliver pax up til security where they dismount, and then get picked up again on the other side (with a different cart). When there aren’t enough golf carts to go around, airline agents might be forced to use a single cart and make multiple trips to deliver everyone to the gate, or they might just manually push pax on wheelchairs if the gate isn’t too far.


Great information, we like it. Good work …


Actually, I think the construction workers need this more. So they can put the supplies on the cart and travel with it to the build site faster.


Cmon, think big. We need actual construction vehicles :smiley:


inb4 Airport CEO includes Building & Co in-game.


Well, a dump truck would be nice at least :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s time to pick up this “cart” subject again. Don’t know if I’m just worthless at building effective terminals, but I have problems with delays due to long walking distance for the airport staff and ramp agents. Leads to delayed boarding, delayed service rounds and in the end delayed departure.

Would be awesome to be able to build a indoors vehicle depot, nothing big, or just an area/zone asigned to indoor carts. Where the Airportstaff that has a long walking distance can take a cart and, when finished with the job task, park it again.

Ofcourse the CEO will have to buy carts individually and they come with a maintenance cost.

One cart could be used by up to 4 employees so they go to the stand/gate together
(Later when “large stand” becomes available there could be the option to buy larger carts that can handle up to 10 people/staff/airline personel)

These carts could also be used to transport passengers with different disabilities. This should also be a zoning option where these passengers wait to be picked up, and then transported to the gate.


I’d also love to see those moving sidewalks that were in the works ages ago.


great and helpful information.