In Game Modding Page Improvements

Current Modding page looks like this;

Here are my ideas to improve this page:

  1. There has to be a way to filter mods by their name, their type (airline, bank, de-ice fluid supplier, combined, all etc…), their base country, their fleet (if it is an airline), creator’s name and so on.
  2. There should be more deep setting for “use default” setting. For example I want to use default companies EXCEPT airlines which I would like to use modded airlines ONLY. Every business type should be able to be selected or deselected.
  3. GA should be considered in another type of airline. There are not GA mods and when player disables default businesses and enable modded airlines; GA system fails to catch up.
  4. Businesses should be arranged by their names. As you can see there is no order or arrangement
  5. Selected mods should be saved in a master mods list so if user decides to start a new airport with different mods, his previously selected mods won’t be lost and it can be used again when user decided to return bac to previous airport
  6. (More will be added)