Increase File Size To Upload Savegame Archive/ZIP Files

The current limit of 10 MB is too small. Increase it to at least 25 MB. My current savegame ZIP is file is 16 MB. However, I cannot report the bug because both the ingame Bug Report function and bug report limit the size to 10 MB.

Yes, I could submit the savegame ZIP via a DropBox file. Meh.

I submitted an Improvement Report, ACEO-13958 “Cannot Submit Savegames Larger Than 10 MB For Bug Reports”

Hi, we have increased the upload size to 20 MB (i.e. doubled it from the previous 10 MB limit). We need to watch our total instance size (considering we get multiple bug reports per day with various files attached) so that the pricing of hosting the instance don’t spiral out of control.

Looking at the general airport size for most players, 20 MB in zipped format should accommodate most player’s airport while we’re still being somewhat responsible in attachment sizing.


T20 MB savegame is too small. I just tried to submit a savegame and the ZIP was larger than 20 MB. Per my Bug Report ACEO-13958, the limit should be at least 25 MB.


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