Infrastructure proposed for taxis, buses and coach

I have seen the idea of ​​implementing a taxi service in many places, I have a proposal in this regard. Something like this:
Taxis would be in the queue. In the image we see capacity for 8 taxis (6 tiles each) and occupy 8 x 48 tiles. Although the capacity would be selectable (4, 8, 12, 16 taxis …)
The same could be applied to urban buses, the only one here they would only fit 4buses, the capacity would also be selectible (2, 4, 6, 8 buses …)

There is an idea that I liked: it consists in assign each destination to a bus stop so everyone would go to the next bus.
In the case of intercity buses, a bus station like this could be done (4 tiles: pedestrian crossing + 12 tiles for the coach) and assign each terminal to a destination. The number of terminals would be selectable:

In the two pictures I have set roof of platforms and benches for the passengers.
Note: this is the first topic I’m doing if there is something wrong or some information had already been mentioned, tell me that.


I like this. Some kind of bus station infrastructure would be good. I like the marked bays you have. I also like the way the busses could drive through rather than having to turn like they do at the moment.


I really like this idea! The taxi rank looks brilliant and the bus station idea is really really good! I personally would love some flexibility with buses ie contracts with bus companies (Arriva, National Express etc) or have buzz times for package holidays; for example in France during ski season there are so many buses at the airport as part of packages to take skiers to the mountain!

But anyway, this is a brilliant idea that I love


In order to this to be hapened, vehicle path finding, one way roads and new vehicles and code structure of them should be created. I guess we won’t see it until 3-BIG-FEATURES (remote stands, multi floors, catering) are completely developed.

But I gotta say I would love to see them.


Great idea. I would rather see the busses angle parked rather than parallel but otherwise this is all great.


@EG0611 I agree, one way roads! Especially if the road entry is opposite of how road entry structure would work with most airports (where you drive on the right, like the game).


Good idea!


Thank you all.