Inland Empire Transit Center (IEX)

See if this works?

I’m on IPad right now so I can’t test it

i got a 404, i’m in canada

Should work now.

It works but I can’t play right now

Here’s a look at the baggage system.

The executive offices are complete:

And all terminal windows are in! Another look at the Sky Bridge:

Post link in original post then update the link every time

I can confirm that the left-side stands only use the left-side runway.


What’s the airport slogan?

“Take the easy way out.”

awesome! thanks bud

i have been trying to load the game for the past 20 minutes and its still not done
edit: the game says almost done

as mush as i liked the airport my pc did not so i had to shut the game down…

Bummer! It usually has taken just a few minutes for me. Sorry!