Inspired by New Istanbul Airport

Hello everyone!!

I want to share with you the airport I am building these days.

I built it inspired by the new Istanbul airport. Even though, my airport isn’t looks like the one in Istanbul.

The terminal building consists of 4 floors:
1 - Departures: check in, security & passport control, offices, duty free, gates.

0 - Arrivals - passport control, baggage reclaim, customs, offices & dining room for employees ,shops.

-1 - Employee rest rooms, briefing room, first part of the baggage sorting system, manual baggage check room, cargo bays.

-2 - Baggage sorting system.

Floor 0: you can see the entrances to the terminal, parking lots, baggage carousels.

On the right side of the image you can see, above the store, room for additional security checks for passengers who were denied entry or deported from the state. In the center, the red and green sections are customs. Includes interrogation rooms for customs officials. In addition, in the red section is an intelligence interrogation room for dangerous passengers.
The blue section is intended for customs that will open in the future, to passengers on domestic only.
Near the blue customs, you can see the dining room for employees.

Until Alpha 35, this is my version for passport control. Below, you can see a interview rooms for passengers who have a problem with the immigration authorities.

Floor -1. On the top middle is the room for manual security checks for bages.

Floor -2

Floor 2. You can see all the chack in zones, secuity check and again, my version for passport control (yellow = employee pass, blue = passengers with disabilities, red = for all).
To the right of the security check, room for extra checks for suspected passengers or those requiring additional checks. On the top: duty free.

This is one of the gates. Arriving passengers go down to floor 0 using he escalator. Departing passengers go straight to the jetway.

Future planes:

  • Alpha 35: real passport control, international and domestic flights, self check in.
  • Lost & Found
  • Gates for remote stands.
  • Lounge

I’d like to have your opinion and suggestions for improvement.
Questions are welcome.


hold up a lost and found, is that coming for A35?

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No, but I will try do do something that looks like.

ah that makes sense…devs? lost and found maybe?


nice job looks real good will use some ideas in my airport
thanks for sharing

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I might basically steal you idea and see if it works for me. Thanks lol

Happily. I’d also like to get new ideas.

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I want ask about the service bus stops at each stand, i cant figure out what they would be for or am i just missing somthing?

It is not useful in this game, but in my thoughts its uses as a drop-off for crew or any other workers that need this gate. Also I wanted to do something between the road and the terminal building.

Thanks it’s a really nice looking air as stated earlier I will be taking inspiration from this as my air port no where near as detail.

Thanks John

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Um, actual service car stops are useful. They are used for transferring ramp agents to and from remote stands. BTW nice airport.

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