Interterminal Trains and Other ideas


What I mean between interterminal trains is an satellite terminal like the Heathrow Terminal 5 transit between A gates to C gates. For example when multiple floors begin you could set up an train to more gates.

My other idea is Airport Security Fast Track and staff don’t go through security.

My final idea is an Automatic Check-in Facility with bag drop to safe money.


In many countries ALL employees have to go through some form of security. It may well be expedited (be less thorough and take less time at the actual security booth) but nevertheless they still go through some form of security check. Other than that it’s a great set of suggestions.


Hi @Kfclover115 welcome to the forum. You can place a small security station and select personnel only and select passengers only on the stations you want the passengers to pass. That way your personnel doesn’t have to wait.

Good idea to add a fast lane for passengers as well, will hopefully come in the future


I like those ideas. I think along with that, since the devs are working on multiple terminals, it’d be great to have the ability to have inter-terminal buses or trains be either in the secure or outside the secure zone. I know at ORD for instance, there is a train that passengers use outside the secure area while buses are used inside between terminals.


Oo, I was there! I was here twice and I rode this train. But designing it in game would be hard, because it often went outside of the terminal and then inside another. Also the railyards would be needed.