Int'l zones suddenly vanished - still coloured in but no functionality


Very random bug here, watching my latest airport, Cyprus Nicosia (Fictional) working nicely and then suddenly international zone pathfinding errors for every single passenger.

The international zones are still coloured, but the label has vanished. I’ve had the label situation before but it came straight back when reselected zoning view. But this time around the zone has actually vanished completely causing pathfinding chaos

If i rezone any of the tiles already coloured blue, the zone count starts again and each new “patch” of Int’l zone I draw acts entirely independent of the one large zone already there.


As shown in screenshot, all departure passengers now have a error flag and effectively locked to their current tile if their tile is what is currently international zone but now no longer functioning.

The only event I can see as a potential trigger is an emergency which was a aircraft which ramp agents discovered a fault with however all those departing customers vacated the departure lounge areas via the customs exit and secure exit (far right) without issue.

Update - manually rezoned all of international tiles, initially appeared fixed but now it seems to be merging through walls and other obstacles. Continuing to investigate it and hopefully find the faulty tiles if there are any to help.

It’s a bit difficult to see but you’re on the default branch right, beta 2?

Yes 2.2-3… if it is something already addressed no problem :slight_smile:

I cannot say but in beta 3 the entire building system for tiles in general, including the terminal foundation, has been completely rebuilt. This affects everything that has to do with zoning which is why we’re at this point hesitant to look at zone placement issues on beta 2 when the system has been overhauled for beta 3 - there’s a risk we’re doing double work as you mentioned it may already fixed as part of all the building changes in beta 3. It may also not and if that is the case we’ll of course review it the bug can be reproduced on beta 3.

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