Irregular shaped rooms

Feature request title:

Allow the merging or creation or non-square/rectangular rooms.


At this time, without some highly creative thinking, rooms other than square or rectangular can be created. The ability to merge rooms together or create non-square/rectangular rooms would provide a lot of unique abilities when designing airport.

Why it should be implemented:

Airports are designed with moving PAX through them in a controlled manner while generating additional income for them and the stores/food courts contained within them. I’d love to be able to break out of square and rectangular rooms.

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Flip, yes.
I forgot all about this, and it really does do my head in!
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yes I agree frustrating not being able to combine rooms if one is shaped oddly

Actually, I would like to cite the tools from the Sims 3 for this. Like the way pools can be made in all sorts of ways using sliders for instance.

Full support for this one! One should be able to combine rooms or create various shapes that follow 90° angles (or maybe round :stuck_out_tongue:)


Great idea. I like to create irregular shaped terminals/spaces but it does limit what you can then do with rooms. L shaped rooms etc could be great.

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A must have for sure

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