Is It Worth the Effort?

Fellow CEO’s

After playing this great game for over a year now, I have come upon a situation that bugs me.

I do not open my airport until it is completely built, tested and proven with traffic and pax and all the different aspects.

I build big airports, and I spend a lot of time planning them and trying to accommodate the estimated thousands of people that will go through in a day.

I am wondering now if those efforts are worth while.

For instance, I built 5 passport checks into the international zone and 5 out of it. When the PAX walk into the area, they all line up for one station.

When the pax leave the security area, which has 5 security exits, they all use 1 of them.

When 3 or 4 planes are debarking at the same time, all the passengers get into a single file line, walk directly next to the wall and all fill into the same lines, queues, exits, escalators, etc.

If I am figuring this path thing out, it seems that I could just make the terminal 2 squares wide and not bother with anything else. It kinda takes the fun out of having those 2544 people scattered throughout the zones and not all scrunched into marching like an army through it.
I don’t think it presents a challenge to the player.

It basically means that if you can build square terminals that are wide enough to accommodate a single line of people, then you have reached the main goal of the game.

Out of all the escalators, elevators, security stands, exits, gates and additional things i put into the airport design are not even used, so I wonder if it’s worth the effort.


WOW, beautiful designs. Your points do have validity and one that Beta hopefully addresses. This is a mega impressive build. Building it should give you some pride. I don’t get anywhere near that level of sophistication or beauty.

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Very nice layout. I hope you get to a end so we can see it running. :slight_smile:
But as good as it looks, I already see that passengers are forced to use the same routes. The pax arent humans, they are programmed to get from A to B. So most of them think the same way and use the same route.

If they all go to the same target, then yes they prefer the same route. To split up passengers, give them very different ways to leave the airport. Build the baggage claim on a different spot than those would use who don’t have baggage. Build public transportation on different spots and maybe underground.
Use different check in areas …

When one line is full, they split up to other lines. For departing a smaller number of passport checks is needed as they drop in anyway after security check. For arrival, they should usually fill out all available checks… when they come in masses.

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Great build!

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Amazing Airport.

There is still (last time I checked) a merging bug for international zones.

Rezone your International checkpoints after they finish building.

Edit; can you post some more detailed pictures? I really would like to look around more :smiley:

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I guess I never thought about possibly creating 2 or 3 different points that the passengers can go to. That would make it a more challenging build. However, if the guy in front of the line of 248 people thinks that he is on the right path, then why would any of the others deviate and use other points?

Here are a couple more pics, I dont know what you want to see, its all pretty standard stuff, and its amazing what a few colored floor tiles can create.

Drive thru walk-o-lator

Bag Ops Top Level

Lower Level Subway / Parking / Drop off

Main Terminal

Seating Configuration Testing

Air Canada Term

International Term (on the right)

This is security & Customs
1 elevator bank only allows them to go up into security. (Under the Leaf) then only 1 bank allows them to go down (2nd under leaf)


Very beautiful and amazing. Thank you.


THE CURVES ON THAT ARE GODLY, I will never be able to reach that level lol, not for a long while lol

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