Is the auto Flight Planner supposed to behave like this?


I’m just wondering if the auto flight planner is supposed to behave like this?

I do only have one runway so I can’t handle that many flights on the runway at one time. 4 seams to be the limit without any delays. I guess I will have to manage this my self so the circulation doesn’t cause any delayed flights.


It is suppose to work like that. It automatically schedules flights according to their size, stand type and selected separation time. Did you set flight separation time to 60 minutes before or after activating the auto flight planner?


I set the timer to 60 minutes before I activated the auto flight planner. Well I thought that 60 minutes would be a good separation between flights in conjunction with one runway and 6 small stands.


60 minutes is 60 minutes between scheduled flights per stand, not 60 minutes per landing or takeoff on all of the stands.


60 minutes is 60 minutes between scheduled flights per stand, not 60 minutes per landing or takeoff on all of the stands.

Even though his flights are not separated by 60 minutes. I assume there is something wrong with auto flight schedular because I remember similar bug back before.

@PaffaLon I suggest you to file a bug report via in game bug report system. You can see it when you open menu in game.


@EG0611 Alright, I will take a look at it tomorrow. Thank you for the advise, I will take some time and play around with the auto planer and see how it behaves before I send a ticket. Well, so I have a time span to compare different results with.

@Carrot I’m aware that it’s only the time at the stand that is scheduled. However, when all the flights are scheduled like a block all the flights will arrive and leave at the same time. Which will cause delays, either for the arrivals or departing and eventually both?

I just hoped that he auto planner would spread it out more even. :slight_smile:


This is definitely something that needs to be looked at by the devs, but if you place the first flights yourself in a spread of landing and departure timing, the auto scheduler will plan flights following your initial setup. You can also manually re-schedule flights to spread them out more.

Would be nice (for a quick fix for this issue) if we not only could set the separation time in between flights for stands (as it is now), but also to set the separation time for landings and take-offs.

There is also a feature voting for a more enhanced flight scheduler posted by @88ekke.


I still hope that auto sheduler will recognize availability of check-in desks some time. By having more stands than connected check-in desks some kind of separation would happen automatically then.