Issue with Fees sliders


With the update to beta 2, I am noticing an issue with the sliders for airport fees (landing, plane parking, fuel, etc).

I’ll use runway fees as an example. The slider for this is set to $600 by default, and snaps to $50 increases…$600 to $650 to $700, etc. I have set my slider to $700, but when planes land, I see that it is charging them $717. It seems like, even though the sliders move and snap to $50 increase, there is still play in the sliders…but the fees page itself doesn’t show that actual amount. So if I increase to $700 but hold down the slider and move it a little more to the right (increasing), I can increase the amount past $700 without it snapping to the next amount of $750. It seems like the slider is still a very granular slider behind the scenes, and not truly snapping to the listed value.

Here’s a screenshot (first post on this forum, so hope this works).

Good catch, can you confirm this behavior @Alexander?

Interesting! Will confirm and fix it as soon as I find the issue. :bug:

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