It's humongous!

Took this busy pic, looks cool and it’s humongous! :open_mouth:

Would love for one more gate. Would be epic to have three :smiley:


You mean one more jetbridge? :wink:

I agree! Would love to see this as an upgrade to a gate (and also a requirment for an A380).

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Yes, I’d love to see the option for a third jet bridge too.


Yeah, it’s looks dope, two that goes to the first floor, first and second door. And then one jetway that goes to the top floor like it does on the pic. It looks soo awesome :open_mouth:

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I’d like to combinate jetways with a stair truck in the back for economy class pax.

A380 does not require 3 jetbridges, it just speeds it up. In IAH they use one single jetbridge only for A380 and it worked too. So I’m not happy if this would be a prerequisition.

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Ahh really, i always thought it was mandatory have at least two. One per floor because of safety reasons or so. Cool info. Fun to exit in the front and then have to walk upstairs and all the way to the back. That will make you realise how big it is XD.

Also when they use two jetbridges, sometimes both are on the lower level.
I had this once in ZRH when the only gate with 3 jetbridges was used by another A380.

By the way: Fly Lufthansa Economy Class upstairs. This are the last few rows. They need to enter the lower Eco entrance, walk to the end of the plane and have use the stairs at the end to get up.

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That’s just funny, i mean we’re talking about an aircraft lol. It can fly. And it’s so big you can get lost inside and it has stairs. Haha

She’s just big…