Janitors not keeping up

My janitors are utterly useless. They do 1 cleaning job then go back to a staff room before leaving the staff room again and doing another cleaning job. This is despite the fact that there are loads of cleaning jobs to do (including ones that the walk over and ignore to get to the job). Is there a way around this or is this something for the devs to look into?

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Probably something to do with the behaviour. I’m pretty sure for any staff member, once they have done a task, they will have a break. So I guess the only other solution is to hire more janitors

Is the staff room far away? Maybe build more distributed staff rooms, so the workers don’t have to go so far.

One of the things is pax make alot more dirt when they’re standing about for not having any seats or the ques for security or checking being full.

Which game version is this ? Default? Experimental?


I need to examine the case, can you bug report it and get back to me with a the number?

Experienced the same. Didn’t matter how many janitors I hire… I never keep up with the amount of dirt. I’ll try to bug report it this evening.

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Maybe the cause is that passengers are making too much dirt?:joy:

Just reported it: 18930

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