Janitor's waste removal [implemented]

Update from Apoapsis Studios

This feature request has now been implemented!

While this feature is now completed, future improvements and functionality may still be added over time.

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Now that we have cabin cleaning (and the associated waste removal from the cleaning depot), should the cleaning/waste collection that janitors do in the terminal also be disposed of?

As a possible suggestion:

  1. Janitor does cleaning.

  2. After the janitor has done a given number of cleaning jobs, they drop that waste off at a waste collection point in the terminal (that has service road access).

  3. An airport waste truck (could be a 2nd task for cabin cleaning truck) collects that waste and takes it to the waste depot.

  4. The city garbage truck collects it in the same way that cabin cleaning waste is.


Yes I feel the janitors should be able to do this. Also would be cool to have working trashcans that: A- make the terminal less messy and B- janitors could come and pick it up and take it to the garbage area. Currently the janitors have a small, portable black hole they put the trash in.

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