Just a little question 😊


Hello I was wondering, for a terminal with about 8 to 10 stands you advise how much baggage pickup area? (those after the checks)


I usually allocate one baggage bay to 2-3 stands and one claim area. Assuming you stagger the flights and don’t make them all arrive and leave at the same time, there shouldn’t be much congestion.


The vehicles carrying the luggage can be superimposed or they must wait


I usually do 2 service truck per medium stand so that unloading and loading process is more faster. I remember once that 1 per stand is still feasible (so yes, theorically possible for only 1 truck to unload the baggage from the plane and load the incoming one) ; but atleast have more backup just in case of delays


It will be better with the basements, so we can put them underneath