Lack of new contracts

Hello. New contracts do not come from airlines. What to do?

I’m experiencing something similar. I have a mod with fuel companies. But i don’t get all the offers i should be getting. Have tried most stuff, turning off and on the mod and so on. Still no luck.

I have the same problem. New airlines do not appear. Previously, everything worked stably, now there are problems

There seems to be a bug at the moment. Saves show all loaded contracts from before you have saved the game the last time. Means also, that the content (planes) is not updated in case changes are made in the mod.

You have to reject them manually. After you reject one or several in that list, the usual loading starts again after a while.

So for now i should reject all the offers i have when starting the game?

If the missing ones don’t start to appear, then it helps somehow… but I had cases where it worked without that nudge.

The result is unsatisfactory

Feel free to send a bug report too.

Is it possible that the airlines need a 5 star rating? (Either because the mod is outdated or because the creator set it as 5 stars)

There are 2 or 3 default airlines require a 5 star rating. (Maple, Swiftly)
There are also a few mods require that. Outdated mods without the BusinessClass-Tag as you see above with EasyJet and the Tui will be declared by default as 2 star contracts. (Otherwise a LCC like EasyJet or Ryanair do not deserve more than 1 star.)

How many mods do you have installed? I think the game shows you only the first 150 or so mods (including contractors, venues, catering and de icing mods). Every mode you install above this number will not be shown.

I’m assuming UmKa has default airlines disabled, but I didn’t know that mods are automatically set to two stars, thanks.

Yes, that was necessary to make old mods compatible. Otherwise you would have around 50% of the Workshop items broken.

We’re investigating this issue, most likely an effect as a result of the air ambulance flight fixes.

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Could you please report some saves and post the issue number here? I tried briefly with my test save and new contracts did spawn.


I Have the same problem might be related to Airlines wrong colours (ACEO-37132) as no contracts accepted with that airline

When airlines using wrong liveries, then it’s because something has changed in the fleet due to an update or when it is an airline from the Workshop, the mod might be disabled in the main menu.

Instead breaking the game, it’s kind of a backup to show the same aircraft as scheduled, just in another livery.

nothing changed in the fleet it happens default ones to the mods I use have not changed it happen in Beta 3.2-3

Hi, I loaded your save an was meet with this:

Several pages of contracts. (The ? is normal. I don’t have your mods installed). So I’m a bit confused, did you meant flights are not offered?

not all showup or either when I only have a few mods installed plus Aviation Fuel Supplier, Deicing Fluid Supplier, Catering Food Supplier, Food Franchise and Shop Franchise it looks like there is a problem as it seems a few people having the same trouble