Laggy Airport Above Normal Speed


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Huge fan of the game. I played the orginal Airport Tycoon game growing up as a kid so when I recently came across this game I knew I had to get it.

Anyways, I noticed that even on the fast setting my game still lags now if I go above normal speed. I have 24 stands, 6k passangers and a large terminal.

Im running on a Mac Book Pro, 16GB Graphics NVIDI GeForce GT 650M 1gb & Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB (I run the game on the Intel). Processor 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7

My game lags down to 1-3 FPS.

I thought my game would handle this since I do a lot of 4K video editing just fine overall.

Any tips & tricks? Am I missing something?



Hi Josh and welcome to the game and forums. Fellow Mac user as well.

That would in game terms be classed as a big airport. I’ve a 27" 5K iMac, top spec as well. I get to about 5K PAX and the game does indeed start to have noticeable issues like that. Having said that though, push 2K PAX was impossible only a short while ago.

The Dev’s are consistently looking to improve performance and have made major gains and they keep coming. They have just started to look at a new way of rendering PAX as well that seems promising.

Have a read of the latest Dev Log too for a little more information as well.


Awesome news to hear and glad im not the only mac user! lol After my XP desktop I saved up and switch to mac book pro. Currently saving for a desktop version.

I was hoping it had to do with the game and not the laptop. I play my flight sim using my macbook with very little issues so was really keeping my fingers crossed.

Ill definitely keep my ears plugged, im new to even using Steam so im assuming updates and such will be mentioned in the panel?

Anyways, thanks again!


Yes regular updates (well apart from Summer breaks) happen regularly. More so on the EXP branch that is also open to anyone. Things might not work as expected from time to time, but that’s why its EXP. There’s quite a lot of new things coming too on the EXP branch, which should be this week??? Fingers crossed.

There’s quite a few of us with Mac’s here too. Updates are usually posted here on the forums so keep an eye out for them.

Would love to see what you built too :slight_smile:


@JoshStormPilot Welcome to the game and the forum and welcome to the Mac gang :wink:! Not to make this a Mac related topic though, we can open another thread for that :blush:

As @Rubble says there are regular updates in the EXP branche and keep an eye out for the DEV blogs, as they normally come in every two weeks, latest can be found here.


I appreciate it! :smiley:

Looking forward to spending the countless hours like I spent on the original Airport Tycoon! lol :joy: