Large planes and/or large stands


Hi developers, do you already know when the game will feature the wide body aircraft? And does this also mean a large plane stand, like in the first version I saw. Or I also saw pictures know of a 747 standing on the same stand I thought as you already have now (medium). Or is also than a large stand coming available and possible larger or more entry gateways to make un-/offloading passengers go quicker.



Large planes and stands are coming. Nothing has been released officially though apart from Developements

There’s been a few mentions like that one. Where did you see the pics?


Ok, thanks. Here: Big Planes . .


Ah yes, Spokkel followed what I’d previously done on some of my experimental builds. They are just medium stands dressed as large ones. I might have done a bit os PS work on some of my images.


That be true, @Rubble has been a kind teacher!