Larger Map and More Indepth taxiways

So people i want to suggest 2 things

A Larger map i know you can unlock 3 zones but honestly that feels a tad small i think if we look at Prison architect we could have a infinite amount of land expansions

and Number 2 i think the Taxiways need updating as aircraft seem to wait for an aircraft all the other way of the map and on top of that we should be able to taxi across runways(when clear) as some airports have crossed runways and taxiways

Hello and welcome.

Larger maps are a topic during Beta. Currently it makes the savegame huge and depending of the used hardware, very laggy. That needs to be improved first.

The second topic is an issue which also should be solved during beta as well. This would be a requirement for lager maps too. As currently when you increase the map size manually and make a super huge airport, the game will be unplayable due to those pathfinding blockings.


Yeah pathfinding is a mess atm. There seem’s to be no logic behind. It looks like the plane is calculating the path once on arrival or departure, instead of checking next node free or blocked (first come first serve :slight_smile:

All this is being worked on and will come in full release. The current system is not a mess, it is highly logical as you cannot simply check the next node as deadlock would instantly occur on larger stretches of taxiway if two planes start at opposite ends. The system is currently being worked at so that an aircraft can identify a segment which it can move across without deadlocking.


Lets just say there’s a reason why you (still) have humans directing traffic on airports today and not automated systems. It’s an incredibly difficult thing to simulate, especially when you can build taxiways literally anyway you want.


Yes i know, you will solve it :slight_smile:

My comment was about the idea to have an invisible Ghost Beacon in front of every aircraft depending on their size like

So the first Beacon reaching a node locks this for others.

Just my 2 Cents

You can’t do that as it requires you to either use physics (colliders and raycasting), which is horrible for performance, or to loop through every aircraft every frame, which is horrible for performance.

It’s not like we haven’t been working on this problem, unfortunately 99% of the things you will suggest have most likely already crossed our minds and been revoked because of performance.