Larger world game


It would be great if we can get a larger base world , to create a very big international airport and expend it with many terminals and runways …


It’s all linked to the imminent next steps of the development. First better performance (more pax, better fps) then the multi floor feature, then we’ll see…


In the current game you can edit your save file to increase the size of the world (best done at the very beginning of a game to avoid causing problems for yourself.) As posted above, the current development push is to optimize some of the more inefficient or poorly built parts of the game so that it is better able to handle large airports.


Most of us would like to have several large terminals in which it takes a long time to go through them and have transport between them with internal bus / light rail, have a largers runways and larger stands for A380…
But first, as you have said @Yans , we need larger maps, which it gradually (along with performance as said @HelterSkelter ) I think that will be carried out.


devs has deploy a patch incomming with the next alpha version , i read that it will completely change the overall performance of the game , maybe it will run thanks to the graphic card , and the processor will make many task , and process code and instructions machine.

can"t wait to see how they improved perf :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:


I feel you pain. I’m soooo pleased I saved a blank copy of the old world size before it was shrunk down.


What everyone has said here is correct, performance improvements first, core features second and then third further down the line we might revisit map sizes.

Alpha 29.1 is currently being tested on the internal branch, here are a few quotes from the testers:

Initial results are promising and we’ll spend the next week polishing so that we can get it out on the experimental branch as soon as possible! :slight_smile:


Great news! And congratulations, this will be a great step forward for the game


Larger worlds would be great, i’ve been able to get all my ram working now making my pc using 64GBram instead of 32 now.


im use 16 GB of ram on DDR4 at 3000MHZ , must people say that , get more than 16 GB of memory ram is useless…


Not really it depends on your use case. My main machine has 24gb RAM but I’m a heavy photo, image and video content creator as well as motion graphic design. I could do with more.


if you really want it asap, edit the save game file in %appdata%/ apoapsis studios and then inside your save. Cant tell you the exact file location as I do not remember by heart. But I recommend you change the world size before you place any buildings to avoid conflicts.


Also please be aware that it can cause serious performance issues as the game engine is not created for it (yet) and it can also cause unknown and only related bugs to that world. So yes you can change it but please bear in mind that it’s on your own risk and highly experimental.


i stay with the original version , i won’t get many problems with game itself …


I tested thelarger world by editing a savefile and can confirm it bugs some things. not gonna go into it as I don’t encourage changing such parameters.


It is actually true that it bugs a bit as every time I’ve done it, I have had a bug with baggage belts or something similar.