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The mod is working overall just fine, except that I never get contracts from airlines based in switzerland, except from edelweiss air. I tried forcing that by creating a custom mod with just swiss airlines, but I never get offered a contract… Any idea what to do?


You only get contracts for airlines with liveries. Could it be that?


I’ve checked in the data of your mod, SWISS, for example, has some liveries. So not that…


The other culprit could be size. If your airport isn’t big enough, it wont offer big airlines


Well, I get all types of airlines contract from the same size and bigger than those… no problem with airfrance, birtish, klm, iberia, american, delta, etc. but still no SWISS, Skywork, etc.


Okay, can you tell me what airline exactly you were expecting?


All the airlines from switzerland, execpt Edelweiss Air


So all the swiss airlines are:
easyJet Switzerland
Edelweiss Air
Germania Flug
Helvetic Airways
Sky Work
Swiss PrivatAir
Zimex Aviation

Of these Edelweiss air and SWISS are the only ones with a livery.
You are getting Edelweiss, so only SWISS is missing.
I’m not sure how the randomization works in ACEO, but since we have about 50 i think European airlines With livery, i’m not sure if this is really an error or just bad RNG luck :slight_smile:
That doesn’t include your comment about creating a swiss airlines only mod though. So tl;dr; I don’t know :frowning:


What did you do to create the custom mod?


If you want easyJet Switzerland just copy easyJet (UK) as it the colour


Due to misunderstandings, ALL airlines in ACEOMM are listed in the first topic.


|Piquiatuba Transportes Aéreos|Cessna 208 Caravan|michellmiller32
|Piquiatuba Transportes Aéreos|Cessna 208 Caravan|michellmiller32|
|Piquiatuba Transportes Aéreos|Cessna 208 Caravan|michellmiller32|
|Piquiatuba Transportes Aéreos|Cessna 208 Caravan|michellmiller32|

Are you certain I created this one? Also my name is spelled wrong.

Thanks for creating this mod. Lots of work involved on your end. Tip the cap to you good sir.


ACEOMM has been released: Credits to @Rubble

Changelog: Fixes on Berry Aviation, United and TAP Portugal liveries.
IMPORTANT: It is suggested to Regenerate contracts in order to see fixed liveries in game.


Cancel and regenerate. Only on these above mentioned liveries if you have already accepted them. It might work without doing so. Please report if they do? If not, then you know what to do. If they still don’t work as intended just shout me. Thank to @EG0611 for the excellent work he does as well.


@EG0611 thanks a lot for your quick fix!
If I downloaded the ACEOMM package via Steam, will it be updated automatically? If yes, I will try the Berry Aviation livery again. Already canceled the contract beforehand.


Steam will be updated in a few hours :slight_smile:


I made a mod which includes airlines for B737, B757, A320 and the DHC6. But when I load the game, I don’t get contracts for any of the A320 airlines. The other aircraft work. I went to explore into the mod folder, selected the airlines folder and looked through.
I noticed that the airlines for the B737, B757 and DHC6 have a separate folder,

But for the A320 there is no separate folder for the livery

How Do I Fix This?


Mr @pderuiter got the answer.


Did you add the A320 livery to easyjet?


In the Mod Manager, I simple enable airlines that I wanted. If I enable a non-A320 airline, it works. But when I enable an A320 airline, the A320 livery doesn’t get installed into the mod folder. I also noticed there are two airlines: ‘easyJet’ and ‘EasyJet’ (the difference is the first letter). I installed ‘easyJet’.