Let's come up with Airline names... AND-


what they could look like, and even the type of travel they’ll do! Maybe the devs would like some and it’ll give them ideas on what to put in the game!!

Try to use this!

Airline Name:
Possible Appearance:
Type of Travel:
Type of Planes:
Back-story of Airline (optional):

Here’s mine!
Airline Name: Zigzag Airline
Possible Appearance: Zigzag painted lines on the wings and along the fuselage.
Type of Travel: Mainline
Type of Planes: A320 and 757
Backstory of Airline (optional): The owner had a dog that always ran in zigzag patterns. Upon starting the airline, they wanted to pay respects to their dog and named the airline Zigzag Airlines.

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Airline Name: Air Connect
Possible Appearance: The name with blue and white, and other special aircraft liveries.
Type of Travel:
Large,Medium,Small Regional
Types of Planes: Dornier 328jet, Erj135,DHC-6 400 series, Bombardier Q-400, Bombardier Q-300, Bombardier Q-200, Bae jetstream 32.


Ooooo nice!


Airline: emistates
Appereance: like emirates
Planes: 777, a380
Type of traffic: medium, large
Backstory: funded by the Government of the arab states

Types on phone with Dutch autocorrect😀


Airline Name: Air Rainbow
Appearance: Rainbow along fuselage and up the tail.
Type of Travel: International
Type of Planes: 767, 777, A330 ect…
Slogan: Fly the Rainbow


Airline Name: Cheapo Airways
Possible Appearance: Plain white fuselage with word “CHEAPO” written across in a multicoloured “crayon” font (something like this)
Type of Travel: Ultra Low Cost Point-to-Point travel. Short-Mid Haul only.
Type of Planes: Exclusively 737s
Back-story of Airline (optional): Appeals to customers with its low cost base and has rapidly grown as a result. Favours rapid expansion at smaller airports, but are notoriously tough negotiators.

Airline Name: Claymore Airways
Possible Appearance: White fuselage with blue claymore/sword motif along side. Claymore written in a Gothic/Celtic type font, something like this.
Type of Travel: Mainline, varied operations including short island-hopping flights up to long haul.
Type of Planes: Saab 360s or 2000s, Q400s, Embraer 170s/190s, B737s or A320s, B767s or A330s.
Back-story of Airline: Scotland’s national airline operates from bases in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, with a small base in Inverness. Primary operations are focussed on short and mid haul routes from their bases using a large fleet of B737s (or A320s). They also operate short domestic flights with a fleet of smaller aircraft, including flights to remote Scottish islands. Recently have started limited longer haul flights using a small fleet of A330s (or 767s). Rumoured to be looking at expansion within the UK.

Devs - feel free to use either of the above if you fancy.


Airline Name: Quetzal Airways
Possible Appearance: A single green stripe along the sides, a large blue Q on the tail. And the nose of the airplane is brown with two dots on the side.
Type of travel: Long international flights
Type of planes: B737s, B747s, and A380s
Backstory: The owner Jeremy Lewis created the airline (originally named the Lewis Airlines) in1959 in hopes to create a fortune in the travel industry. Unfortunately, the airline struggled heavily due to mismanagement and low amount of investors. The airline struggled until the late 1990s until J. Lewis retired from the company with a heavy heart. The airline company was inherited by his daughter Michelle Lewis. Michelle Lewis quickly turned the company around and reformed the whole company. Due to her incredible management skills (and INCREDIBLE charm too) she was able attract investors to fund the company. The year 2010 was a big year for the Lewis Comapany. Because of the quick reform and rising success of the comapy, she decided to rename the company to Quetzal Airways. In present day they now use large airplanes to fly long international flights.


Wow, I’m liking these!!


Another one I came up with!

Airline Name: Speedy Airways

Possible Appearance: Streaks of Sky Blue and Silver, resembling that of a wind-whipping aircraft. Engine covers are Sky Blue, with the cowls in Silver. Leading edge of the wings have a cloud pattern that fade into the streaking pattern, and the winglets are 45 Degree winglets (So they look like this from front or behind \_ … _/ (but 45 Degree angle) ), starting from Silver at the bottom fading into Blue at the top.

Type of Travel: Regional Connection

Type of Planes: I want the CRJ700 and CRJ900 of the Bombardier line. Where this Airline would be based is really popular in regional connections, and because of full flights, can utilize the CRJ 1000 as well.

Back-story of Airline (optional): This Airline was founded by Nicholas Smithe in attempts of becoming the next Regional Airline. Upon this effort, the airline became really popular with it’s iconic blue an silver, and can be noted as a successful airline.


Also the Pilatus pc-12 aircraft fitted with 8 seats. For my types of planes.


also my slogan ; The airline for all of your air travel connections


Airline Name: Trolley Air

Possible Appearance: Think Mr. Roger’s neighborhood, classic trolley style

Type of Travel: Mixed traffic lines.

Type of Planes: Regional and Mainline mix of planes.

Back-story of Airline (optional): The owner originally had her own trolley services in a major city. Upon being successful in the business, she decided to move into airline travel. She started Trolley Air with the small regional connections, slowly moving into Mainline connections, hence the mixed traffic airline.


Air Nimbus.
Small fast aircraft, preferably with 2000 in the name
Brown livery, broomstick brown…


Potter fan eh?


Airline Name: Aussie Air
Possible Appearance: a faded green covering the aircraft with a pic of AUS on the tail.
Type of Travel: International or Domestic (depends where you set up your airport i guess)
Type of Planes: A320-200 747-400 767 737MAX9 A350-1000 SAAB340 and DASH 8 Q400
Back-story of Airline (optional): An airline to compete with Jet star,Qantas and Virgin australia

Aus = Australia


Airline Name: AUS regional
Possible Appearance: Red tail
Type of Travel: Domestic
Type of Planes: SAAB 340 A318


Airline Name
:blue_heart: NRW.air / :blue_heart: NRW.regional
:green_heart: NRW.cargo
Possible Appearance
For some reason the standard color for the passage division would be a blue just as those blue hearts got. The freight division gets a sleek soft and light green.
A modern sleek design incorporating NRW as a real brand sign and fitting .air .regional etc to make it a nice package will make this airline great again!?
Type of Travel
True Mainline / Regional
Type of Planes
:blue_heart: NRW.air
Airbus A320 / A321
Airbus A330-200/300 until the A350 arrive in proper numbers
Airbus A350-900/1000
Airbus A380-800
Bombardier CS100 / CS300
:blue_heart: NRW.regional
ATR 42 / 72
Sukhoi SSJ 100
:green_heart: NRW.cargo
Airbus A330-300 P2F
Boeing 777F
ATR 72 Freighter (operated by NRW.regional of course)
Back-story of Airline
With one of the largest metropolitan regions in the world around, Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) will need an own mainline airline which serves it well! :smiley: And hence DUS is in NRW (Northrhine-Westphalia) this very airline is called NRW.air. With a rich cultural diversity this airline managed to create a huge hub serving all continents making Lufthansa look like a silly baby.


I really like these! These are really creative ideas!


Sorry for the double posts!! ;-;

Every now and then, I come up with more ideas, and I’ve come up with one again!

Airline Name:
Snowy Air

Possible Appearance:
Light Blue with White or Silver snowflakes twirling from the nose to the tail, as if snowy magic.
White with Light Blue or Silver snowflakes twirling from the nose to the tail, as if snowy magic.
Silver with Light Blue or White snowflakes twirling from the nose to the tail, as if snowy magic.

Type of Travel:
Mainline / Regional

Type of Planes:
Mainline - CS100, Boeing 737, Airbus A319, ERJ 190
Regional - CRJ900, CRJ1000, ERJ 135, ERJ 145

Back-story of Airline (optional):
Like SOME airlines, Snowy Air started as a somewhat larger Regional carrier, often flying to SNOWLAND (yes I made this up, XD) to the closest point of the US. Upon passengers voicing that they’d like longer flights (ones that go other places), Snowy Air looked into the possibility of longer DIRECT trips. Finding the more logical trips, Snowy Air expanded into Mainline travel, renaming the Regional lines to “Snowy Jumps” (similar to Delta Connection) and keeping Snowy Air as Mainline.

Airline Name:
Beachy Airlines

Possible Appearance:
Beachy scenes with the sun on the tail

Type of Travel:
Mainline Coast to Coast

Type of Planes:
Mainline - CS100, Boeing 737, Airbus A319, ERJ 190

Back-story of Airline (optional):
Beachy Airlines is most knows as a SEASONAL airline, doing most of it’s flights during the April-September months. Often doing Coast to Coast flights, Beachy Airlines connects to ‘beachy’ states, with beaches and tourist attractions in the area. Most flights are for vocational purposes. Beachy Airlines HAS considered bringing in regional flights to connect TO those ‘beachy’ states, but has not yet decided.


Airline Name: NZ Air
Possible Appearance:

Type of Travel: Full Service Long + Short Haul and Cargo
Type of Planes:
PAX: 787-9/10, A319/20/21, ATR 72-600, Dash 8 300/Q300,
Cargo: 747,(Future) 787
Back-story of Airline:
NZ Air started as another airline competing on trans-Tasman flights using an A320, they then had enough reputation to purchase another A320 and start domestic trunk routes. They have built up and up to have a modern fleet, the Q300’s were bought second hand from Jetstar NZ after their routes failed. They are now the main competitor to Air New Zealand. The Cargo sector has recently opened and it has 2 747’s so far with talks with Boeing to convert a 787-9 into freighters.