Let's come up with Airline names... AND-


Multiverse Airlines
Possible Appearance:
Pitch Black with Multiverse written in big bold white letters.
Type of Travel:
Long Haul Routes Mostly International.
All Possible Planes with capacity of more than 150… Largest operator of A380s and 747s.

Back Story:
A group of 100 retirees from NASA, ESA and ISRO join hands to create this airline in 1975. Started as a small airline with 2 Pilatus pc-12, but grew to be a company with 250 A380s, 200 747s, 100 787s. Leader of the airline industry. Starts cargo service in 2010 and becomes the top freighter within 3 months. Started services for aerospace industries in 2015. Becomes the largest customer of Player’s Airport once conditions met. But getting them to your airport is an expensive job.


I’m REALLY enjoying how these are coming out!! MAYBE the devs might like a couple?

Keep up the creativity! I’m not THAT creative, but I’m happy to see the juices that y’all have flowing! :smiley:


I’ve got another!! :smiley:

Airline Name:
Foxtail Air

Possible Appearance:
Possible fox fur appearance, the nose colors looking like that of a fox, winglets being the paws of a fox, and tail being similar to a fox’s tail.

Type of Travel:

Type of Planes:
CRJ 700, CRJ 900, CRJ 1000 (and for longer Regional Connections, the CS 100)

Back-story of Airline (optional):
The Airline’s owner often watched foxes in their backyard, and watching the actions of the foxes decided they wanted to make a quick sleek airline. They decided the motto would be “Speedy connections, with fox like speed.”

I know the motto is corny, but I like the idea, don’t judge me.


Phoenix air
Red / orange / yellow livery.

Went bankrupt, but arose from the ashes


I’m convinced you’re a Potter fan :wink: But I can’t complain, I am too. XD

I like the idea!! :smiley:


I assume that to avoid copyright we can’t input names of airlines that are existential?

Airline Name: Southern Airways (SA)
Possible Appearance: The southern cross on a blue background tailfin. Features a blue streak running along the fuselage.
Type of Travel: Mega-International Super Long Routes
Type of Planes: A380 and B787-8
Back-story of Airline (optional): Flag carrier of Australia!!


Airline Name: WorldWideWings
Possible Appearance: The symbol of a globe with wings on the tail
Type of Travel: Regional / International
Type of Planes: Regional: Embraer 195 / Airbus 320neo International: B787 / A350
Back-story of Airline: A major airline with the main hub in central Europe connecting Europe with the world!


Bottom of all planes are black, but on the bottom the name put in white. And the rest of the plane is a sky blue and the winglets are like the A310 on all planes but are white.
A320, 737, 747, A310, A380, And every other Boeing and Airbus
Somebody loved Southwest when they traveled the airline so he made a company based off the airline and has been very successful ever since


I’m loving all these ideas you guys are coming up with!!

Perhaps @Olof and @Fredrik wanna make their own as well? :wink: :wink: :wink:

Keep up the creativity guys!


I got another new one! XD Food related, this one!

Airline Name: Red Velvet Airlines/Red Velvet Air

Possible Appearance: Imagine a Red Velvet cake. Red velvet colored wings, tail, and tail “wings”. Winglets in an off white, buttercream type color. Plane divided, the belly is a red velvet color, kinda doing a wave along the fuselage (similar to Boeing’s paint scheme), with the cream color on the top half. Red Velvet Airlines written in a very scroll/script type text in a bright shade of gold, similar to that of brass. On the interior (though probably not seen in game) a crushed red velvet seating, with the brass-y gold trim, and brass-y gold lettering, OR crushed gold brass-y velvet with red velvet trim and lettering.

Type of Travel: Regional/Commercial

Type of Planes: A319, A320, A321, B737, B757, B787, CRJ700, CRJ900,CRJ1000, CS100, CS300

Back-story of Airline (optional):


Devs, don’t add this one into the game as there is an inappropriate side to the name


What do you mean??


I’m just saying that if the devs are going to add any of these to the game, they shouldn’t add the red velvet one as there is an innappropiate side to it



I thought it was cool lol, with a classy luxury look!


Have a look at urban dictionary (definitely NSFW)


There are so many different definitions on there, none of which are the same… Pretty sure it’s not an actual, well known euphemism


Well then…


Can’t say I was familiar with any of them either. Thankfully.


That being said I wouldn’t want to fly on ‘Red Velvet Airlines’ unless I was paying for the mile high club experience!


This makes little sense. If you look at enough different cultures / languages, you will hardly have any words left to use for your airline…

Seriously, no offense meant:
Frog => Offensive for French
Cool / Coolie => In parts of Asia Coolies were unskilled labor
Paddy => Offensive for Irish
Spade => Offensive for black people
Ride => In Ireland this means a roll in the hay
Fart => Means something different in German, concerning traffic
Gift => Means poison in German
Brat => Means brother in several slavic languages

And the list does go on…