Let's come up with Airline names... AND-


Lol… No one would like to fly on this airline


Does anyone have anymore they’d like to add?? Even @Olof and @Fredrik? :smiley:


I’ve got another!

Airline Name: Pandarian Air (Not to be mixed with WoW’s Pandaren)

Possible Appearance: Much like that of a panda really. Black around the cockpit windows, black wings and tail wings, the rest in white. They could also look like red pandas, but that’s a lot to describe.

Type of Travel: Leisure commercial, mainline

Type of Planes: A320, B737, CS100

Back-story of Airline (optional):


New One Comming Right Up

Airline Name: Kyushu Dreamways

Possible Appearance: Volcano on the side of aircraft with a Pink Blossom on the Tail of the aircraft with a Eurowhite Appearance or a Light Pink/Red Look.

Types of Travel: Commuter, Leisure commercial, mainline, air taxi-ish? sorta serves small towns with RJs

**Types of Planes:**Saab 340s, Q400,E195, B737,767,787,747-400 and 400Ds


Airline name: Couriair (Pronounced curry-air)(Courier is the name of a person or company who delivers cargo/parcels.)
Possible appearance: Brown (like a parcel) with black on the tail which just comes onto the rear of the fuesalage like emirates colour scheme.
Type of Travel: Cargo; Long haul, short haul and medium haul.
Fleet: Short haul: Cessna 208B Super Cargomasters and saab 360. Medium Haul: A320 (cargo). Long haul 747F.
Backstory: Couriair started off small but grew quickly. From short to medium to long haul flights, Couriair can ship your cargo. They operate from many hubs which service regional airports. These hubs connect with the rest of the world via long or short haul flights but due to the nature of the airline (parcel and cargo delivery) planes are versatile with their positioning ( you could make the number of airplanes you get from this airline fluctuate) and (you could also schedule bigger planes and smaller planes from this airline to come at the same time.)
(This is basically the FedEx of airport CEO)


Airline name:Bipish Airways
Style:british airways colour style
Type:international traveling
Ps you could make it difficult to unlock because could be a big company


Airline Name: Incroyable Airlines
Possible Appearance: Blue On Tail engine and wings. Rainbow letters spelling out Incroyable in the middle of the plane
Type of Travel: Regional
Type of Planes: 737-800/700 A320/319/318 Q400 EMB 175


Airline Name: Gone Airways
Possible Appearance: All Blank except Neon Gone in the middle with a airplane under it and a neon airplane on tail
Type of Travel: Regional
Type of Planes: 737-700 A320 family except A321 Q400/300 EMB 175/170


Scratch the old Incroyable here is the new one!

Airline Name: Incroyable
Possible Appearance: Blue on back 2 wings and engines and back part of plane
Type of Travel: International
Type of Planes: All Airbus and Boeing (Not 707 717 727 737-6/7 or 747-400)

Airline Name: Incroyable Short
Possible Appearance: Same as the regular Incroyable
Type of Travel: Regional in USA and Paris
Type of Planes: is Crj 900/1000 EMB 195/175 Q400 EMB 145


Airlines don’t usually operate short haul flights in different continents (as the ICAO have lots of rules around it, so the competition is fair) If an airline does it is usually a whole different airline which is a subsidiary of the big airline (which means it run by different people)


Oh I guess your right. I’ll only do the US


I’m loving all the suggestions! So much creativity!


Airline Name: XC Private
Possible Appearance:

Type of Travel: Charter Flights
Type of Planes: ATR 72, B737-200, and other medium/short range aircraft
Back-story of Airline: XC Private (Cross Country Private (Yes I know about the train company in the uk))
Was Founded In 1999 but it did not start flying till the year 2000. XC Private is still a small airline, they also do leases to short/long term leases to airlines.
XC Private gained a good reputation since then.


also 1 of the 737s are



Im new so I can only put one image per post so here is a picture of the ATR 72 which looks nicer then the 737 imo.


Airline Name: F!ZZ Air
Possible Appearance: Same as the budget airline Wizz air (pink and purple stripes)
Type of Travel: International (budget)
Type of Planes: A320
Back-story of Airline (optional): Former airline CEO after the bankrupt of the national airline started his own company

Edit I also made a template:


How do u make those livery’s like what website


This can be done if you download a template for the plane then you photoshop the graphical parts on it.


Think this is a bit too close to Wizz… Think it violates their trademark.


Might be, I don’t know, maybe with different colour scheme.


I say maybe do it in green or blue.