Let's come up with Airline names... AND-


Well I think CLM is quite close to KLM also so if that’s goods then Fizz should be okay too


I don’t see why the name would be an issue. XD


Nice to see some actual designs! However, don’t forget that we are in a 2D perspective so if you want to share some mockups try drawing them from a top down perspective. Then we can more easily see how the design might look in the actual game. :slight_smile:


Airline : FML
Colors : Shades of Blue / white
Type of travel : Very low budget for the cash-strapped .
Planes : ERJ 145, An-148

This airline is so low budget that everyday the pilots think FML.


This just made my day!! :smiley:




Do you happen to have a blank slate of each aircraft that’s in the game that we could toy with? :smiley:


Sorry, doublepost, but what do you mean with ProppelerRed?


I think it was an airline name suggestion


It’s meant to be an airline name


Airline Name: Earth Aircraft International
Possible Appearance: See Photo Above (I am terrible at art)
Type of Travel Mostly Internation
Type of Planes: Modern Boeing Fleet (737-7/8/9MAX, 747-8, 777-8/9x,787-8/9/10)


Okumuya Airlines - Specific For Asian Airports - Centric On Premium Products and more likely to request/build a Lounge at your airport.


Better name could be Earth International Airlines… But u made a good livery. I can’t make it as my computer is corrupt :pensive:. (I guess u used the Boeing make ur own livery tool on their site…right??)


Another idea I’ve had - a small airline. I’d like to see lots of small airlines like this in the game, although this is maybe more of a role for mods than for the devs to spend many gruelling repainting Q400s dozens of times.

Airline Name: Channel Airways
Possible Appearance: A motif of red, white and yellow
Type of Travel: Short haul travel, exclusively from bases in the Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey). Primarily to UK destinations, maybe also France, Belgium and The Netherlands
Type of Planes: Turboprops: Mostly Q400 and/or ATR72s. Maybe a small fleet of Saabs as well.
Back-story of Airline (optional): The airline serves the Channel Islands, serving as a lifeline for islanders and a gateway for tourists. The market is rather marginal, so the airline has not needed to expend its small fleet of turboprops. The airline is a rather stable airline - no huge ambitions for growth, and will generally commit to a route for the long haul.


Airline Name: Tonited
Possible Appearance: like united blue gold white and a light shade of grey on the bottom of the plane
Type of Travel: mainstream
Type of Planes: 737s,787s,767,757and few airbuses uses like a320
Back-story of Airline (optional): made in 1931 and in 2008 merged with pudinental


And maybe a livery for special events where it’s just a giant toe painted on the side :stuck_out_tongue:


“Airline Name: Zigzag Airline
Possible Appearance: Zigzag painted lines on the wings and along the fuselage.”

I have yet to see an airline that paints its wings as part of a livery


So we’ve gone in a full circle back to Zigzag airlines now have we?


Well, no. I just wanted to say that before some other people would put liveries where the wings are painted


It really depends on the airline and how they want it. Spirit had their whole plane painted yellow, and some airlines will do accent colors on the wing. Most don’t or haven’t, but some do.