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Balair CTA has painted all the wing yellow on their A310s. The US-American Northeastern Airlines did sth similar, too. All about weight and added extra costs today… :cry:


Late to the party here, but got a good one!

Airline Name: Luxair

Types of routes: Short-to-Medium, medium, and medium to long haul.

Destinations: Medium to large size airports across North America and eastern europe.

Known for: Lots of width, legroom, IFE, good food, and seats

Looks: Light blue on the entire plane, with LUXAIR written in cursive along the top-front of the fuselage, and gold stars on all the tails.


Has a fleet of: A320 family, CRJ700s, E175, 757s, 777s, and 787s. A340 too.


Sticky Elevator Discount Airlines
Motto; “We mean discount!”

Rust coloring

Local and long distance flights.

Maybe add some appearance of missing panels or something


I’ve been having plans to revive this with airline skins, XD


EastJet (faux WestJet, faux easyJet)
Lambda (faux Delta)
Dragon Pacific (faux Cathay Pacific + Dragonair)
Age Nouveau Airways - ANA (faux All Nippon Airways)
Singalong Airlines (faux Singapore Airlines)
Unified/Unity/Unify (faux United)
Allitalic (faux Alitalia)
Hana Air (faux Korean Air + Asiana)
Air Maple (faux Air Canada)
Cuckoowings/Chickenwings (faux Germanwings) - lol i’m terrible
Sayonair/Lionair/Brianair (faux Ryanair)
Pearl Southern (faux China Southern)
Orient Eastern (faux China Eastern)
JetFlew (faux JetBlue)
Air Fourth (faux Air North)
ALLGIANT Air (faux Allegiant Air)
Kawaii Airlines (faux Hawaiian Airlines)
Arrowflight (faux Aeroflot)
FedUP (faux FedEx + UPS)
Daylight Hertz - DLH (faux DHL)
TickNTock - TNT (faux TNT)


Airline Name: Jet4
Possible Appearance: Silver With Red Tail
Type of Travel: Holiday PAX Few Business
Type of Planes: 737s & 757-200


I know it’s been a while, and sorry, BUT I got another couple!!

Airline Name: Jenny Airlines
Possible Appearance: Solid white plane with a single blue stripe on the side/nose.
Type of Travel: Top Secret employee only airline
Type of Planes: 737
Back-story of Airline (optional): A Slight play of the known/unknown JANET Airlines, this airline is similar. This airline would take precedence at our airports, if they land, all ground operations stop. If they take off, all ground operations stop.

Airline Name: Glowing Airlines
Possible Appearance: White plane with a highliter green/yellow on the engine nacelles and tail. Perhaps it glows in the dark at night?? :smiley:
Type of Travel: Point to Point/regional
Type of Planes: Saab 340b
Back-story of Airline (optional): This airline is a slight play on the newly established airline, GLO Airlines. I feel like even though it’s commercial, this airline would be similar to it’s real life counterpart and offer the 1-2 hour flights direct connect. :slight_smile: Hopefully soon I can show top down renditions of my aircraft designs!! :smiley:


ZigZag Airlines. Not too happy with this one, as I feel it was actually quite stupid.

The rest from here on out are sketched by me because I couldn’t get Photoshop to cooperate. It’s 1:30am, so they will be very sloppy, and I’m very sorry, but you get the basic idea with these and my descriptions! XD

Speedy Airways

Snowy Air

Foxtail Air

Red Velvet Air

XD I kinda rushed these, but yanno…


For me, your equivalent to an artist…( I suck at drawing…Even in Photoshop)
First one was lame.

Rest were MUCH better.


My art isn’t bad but I got lazy.


I never meant to say that u were bad… All the designs except the first one would be better than mine even if I had made them with full energy.

But the first one was REALLY shit.



Honestly though, I figured it would be dumb. :frowning: But I tried!


Airline Name: TatraAir

Type of Travel: International
Type of Planes: 767, 777,747-8new
Slogan: Fly Luxury, feeling as in the Tatras!


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Since we could kinda go with Holiday styles, I feel like this next one would be cool!!

Airline Name: Ghoulish Air/Hallows Airlines/Spookylines
Possible Appearance: Different appearances, uses of slimy green, pumpkin orange, royal purple, maybe blacks and golds. Each aircraft could have a paintjob based on it’s respective theme. For instance, a spiderweb type look could have either orange or purple paint with black or green webs on it. Bats are best known for their move at night, so a dark purple or black with ‘glowing’ green bats on it. as they swirl up to the tail.
Type of Travel: Seasonal/Mainline/Regional
Type of Planes: CRJ700, CRJ900, ER145, B737, B757, A320, A321
Back-story of Airline (optional): Ever enjoy the experience of Halloween, or anything spooky scary? Well, that’s what Barlen Johnson said was his favorite thing growing up. Supposedly a long lost descendant of Dracula, anything of the Halloween nature excites him. Barlen always had an excitement for flying as a child. He grew up to become the CEO of a gardening company (most thriving on his seasonal style) and becoming successful there at a younger age. Keeping that on the side, he decided to pursue aviation more, and having then flown as a flight attendant then pilot for a small regional airline in his area. Soon after, he felt that he could do something different, something FUN. Barlen had been saving money and his success in the gardening industry with his seasonal styles (especially around Fall/Halloween) decided to start his own airline. This airline is known now as the airline to go for FUN creeps and crawls, offering deep mood lighting and food options to fit the theme.


Here’s another, I think! We’ll do a play on the Iconic Southwest Airlines!

Airline Name: EastWest Airlines
Possible Appearance: Imagine the NEW Southwest paint scheme, replace the blue with purple, and replace the rest with gold, green, blue, respectively.
Type of Travel: Transcontinental Mainline (Coast to Coast)
Type of Planes: B757, B767, B787, and A330, A350.
Back-story of Airline (optional):


Airline Name: goDrumpf.com
Possible Appearance: black/navy blue upper half of the fuselage with a red line around the middle, and goDrumpf.com written in gold on the front portion.
Type of Travel: Low-cost and charter
Type of Planes: B-737’s and B-777’s
Back-story of Airline (optional): As the real-estate market in the U.S. crashed, property magnate Ronald Drumpf got into airplanes a lifelong dream of his. Taking inspiration from the European market, he bought a fleet of Boeing airplanes and set up routes all over the US and Mexico, primarily to get passengers to his resorts. Now he has begun with European air travel and intercontinental following the purchase of three B-777’s, in order to attract business passengers and freshen up his reputation.


Nice one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: