Let's come up with Airline names... AND-


Let’s not forget the U.S. equivalent of Ryan, Spirit Airlines.

Airline Name: Ghost Air
Possible Appearance: Iconic bright Yellow aircraft with large bold black font Ghost on the sides.
Type of Travel: Ultra Discount, United States, Central and South American, Caribbean Islands
Type of Planes: A319, A320, A321.
Back-story of Airline (optional):
Originally a cargo trucking company based in Detroit, Michigan, the company began supplementing deliveries with charter aircraft. The success of the charter aircraft caused them to become an all aircraft company, which then converted to passenger charters to vacation destinations. With the vision of a new CEO, they decided to become a copy of Ryan Air in the United States, and introduced the new Ultra Low Cost Carrier business model, and simultaneously converted to low operating cost Airbus aircraft. Rapid growth and aircraft orders followed, and they now serve over 50 destinations throughout North and South America.


Airline Name: Air Hogwarts
Appearance: White, with Hogwarts in Harry Potter font, and the hogwarts logo on the back of the fuselage, and a picture of a random wizard from HP.
Types of routes: Transcon, and european.
Aircraft B737, B757, B777, A380, A330
Backstory: The founder was a potter fan, loved aviation, and just decided to begin an airline that was Harry Potter themed


Airline Name: FlyWorld
Possible Appearance: light blue top and blue bottom with a white tail
Type of Travel: international
Type of Planes: A330-200/300, B777 AND B787
Back-story of Airline (optional):


no offense but their looking for not copyright even though the airline doesn’t exist it can and probably will get copyrighted by Warner brothers


I know, these do not all have to be implemented, the devs should just pick a few, and ones that are trademarked are a NO


I’ll be doing mine soon, but I’d love to see what logos you guys have in mind for your airlines!! Feel free to show them off!


Airline Name: Nortehern star

Type of travel: international
Type of planes: B 737 ,B 787 , B 747-8 and ATR 72
Callsign: Polaris
Hub: Stockholm


Do you have a logo for it too?


Airline Name : Emerson Air
Possible Appearance : Just like Widerøes in Norway, exchange the green with a ghoulish pink or purple
Type of Travel : Domestic, small runways, district aircraft. Fairly high priced
Type of Planes : Bombardier Dash 8 Q100/200/300/400, Embraer E175-E2, E190-E2, E195-E2
Back-story of Airline : Inspired by Widerøes, the craziest bunch of pilots out there. They fly to short-runwayed rural airports all over Norway. We have a saying where i live (far out on the coast, frequent storms) that when all the ships come to port due to storms, and the bridges are closed, the only way out is Widerøe, and it’s true. They fly in almost all weather, and use VFR mostly. Don’t know if it’s relevant, but Widerøe was owned by SAS (Scandinavian) previously, but was bought up by it’s own pilots. Widerøe offers a fairly high price for it’s flights due to short flights (many as short as 20 min) and few passengers. You easily pay £150 for a flight from where i Live (Rørvik ENRM) and to Trondheim (ENVA) a flight spanning 25 minutes of airtime


Given that the devs have gone for CLM and Nordic Airlines Systems, in a similar fashion I’m gonna propose these:

Turkish Airways
Deutsche Luft
Aériennes Françaises
Olympian Air
British Airlines
Schweiz Air


Following on Yanniskass’s idea.

Nippon All Airways
Nipponways (Reference to JALways)
Nagasaki Dream Airlines
Amuskaw Air (Amuksa Air Reference)
JAT - Japan Air Transport
JAC - Japan Air Commuter (Nobody Holds The Trademark to the Airline’s Name now that it is defunct right?)


Even if it’s defunct it is very likely someone still holds the naming rights. Also, JAT very likely will be held by AirSerbia (former JAT Airways).


Airline Name: Naga Terbang Air
Possible Appearance: like Dragon air
Type of Travel: Regional and International
Type of Planes: medium to large plane
Back-story of Airline (optional):

Airline Name: SuperBlue
Possible Appearance: like Garuda Indonesia airlines Livery
Type of Travel: International
Type of Planes: Narrow and Wide Body airplane
Back-story of Airline (optional):


Airline: Maverick Air

Type of Travel: Domestic

Type of Planes: Bush Planes (Piper super cub, Cessna 180 & 185, DeHavilland Beaver)

Possible Appearance: Any


Airline Name: LittleRed
Possible Appearance: Red ribbon on fuselage

Type of Travel: Mostly regional but could be international

Type of Planes: A320/A321/B737/E175/E190/A330/B777

Back-story of Airline (optional): A distraught father who lost his daughter wanted to make something great out of his last few pennies after suffering from depression. He risked everything by starting this airline, and is proving to be successful resulting in the memory of his late daughter and her red coat flapping in the wind as she played in the garden.


Airline Name: FlyBristol
Possible Appearance:

Type of Travel: Short-Mid Haul
Type of Planes: ATR 72-500, Airbus A321, Boeing 787, Boeing 757
Back-story of Airline (optional): Originating on ROBLOX, FlyBristol wanted to expand into Airport CEO. the end.


Airline name: Yankees Air
Appearence: Fly yankees in the yankee stadium sign print, with yankees logos all over.
Type of travel: Long haul from JFK, short haul from LGA, and medium haul from EWR.
Types of planes: CRJ700, E175, A321, A330, A350, A380, B777, B757, E145.
Back-Story, the owner loved the yankees and aviation, and combined the two together.


Airline Name: Sakura Air
Possible Appearance: White base, pink sakura on the tail, red circle mark and the code on the wing. (Just like most Japaneses airlines)
Type of Travel: Japan mainland and international
Type of Planes: 737, 747, 767, 787, A300, DC10, MD81, MD11, MD87
Back-story of Airline (optional): An airline based in Japan, with over 40 years of operation and safe record.

Just a suggestion :smiley:


In light of the recent buyout of Virgin America, I want to do one in honor of it, and there will be a few tweaks too…

Airline Name: Vigil USA
Possible Appearance: Similar to Virgin America, but Purple instead of Red.
Type of Travel: Mainline
Type of Planes: A319, A320, A321
Back-story of Airline (optional): Ricky Bartsen started Vigil Group with only $500. Involved in the group was airlines, train lines, music, and more. This airline is his youngest. :wink:

Airline Name: Vigil Blue
Possible Appearance: Similar to Virgin Australia, but Purple instead of Red.
Type of Travel: Mainline
Type of Planes: A330, B737, E190, ATR72-5, ATR72-6, B777
Back-story of Airline (optional): Ricky Bartsen started Vigil Group with only $500. Involved in the group was airlines, train lines, music, and more. This airline is his next to youngest. :wink:

Airline Name: Vigil European
Possible Appearance: Similar to Virgin Atlantic, but Purple instead of Red.
Type of Travel: Mainline
Type of Planes: A330, A340, A350, A380, B747, B787
Back-story of Airline (optional): Ricky Bartsen started Vigil Group with only $500. Involved in the group was airlines, train lines, music, and more. This airline is his oldest. :wink:


Airline Name: Air Canada
Possible Appearance: https://www.thestar.com/content/dam/thestar/life/travel/2013/02/07/travel_editors_blog_air_canada_to_introduce_premium_economy/air_canada_and_west_jet_planes.jpg
Type of Travel: National (Some International)
Type of Planes: Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer