Let's come up with Airline names... AND-


Airline Name: West Jet
Possible Appearance: https://blog.westjet.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/WestJet-Boing-767-300ER.jpg
Type of Travel: National (Some International)
Type of Planes: Boeing


I’m happy to see you’re taking part in this, but we’re trying to make up airlines to avoid copyright.


Yeah maybe :slight_smile:


Airline Name: Yorkshire Airlines
Possible Appearance: White and yellow fuselage.
Type of Travel: Budget
Type of Planes: BAC 111, BAE 146
Back-story of Airline: Link


There really trying to avoid real airlines cause of trademark/copyright problems


I got a couple more, XD

A play on EasyJet

Airline Name: SimpleJet
Possible Appearance: White with orange accents and “SimpleJet” written on the side.
Type of Travel: Budget Point-to-Point
Type of Planes: A320 Family
Back-story of Airline:

And the play on RyanAir

Airline Name: ByronAir
Possible Appearance: White with Golden Yellow Line and Navy underbelly, with “ByronAir” written on the side.
Type of Travel: Budget Point-to-Point
Type of Planes: B737
Back-story of Airline:

I don’t know if these were mentioned, but if we wish to continue with parodies of airlines, then why not! XD


Airline Name: qintis
Possible Appearance: a red tail and on the engines kangaroos shaded grey with a red coloring to the engine
Type of Travel: regional,domestic,& international
Type of Planes:a380,airbuses,Boeing
Back-story of Airline (optional):An Australian airline with the Moto the spirit of Australia


787s are made for long hauls expect for the 3 series but one has not been made also the 787 was not airbus it was boeing as well as 757


Airline Name: US Airlines
Possible Appearance: (us airways)
Type of Travel:regional, domestic,sometimes international
Type of Planes: airbus,crj,Boeing
Back-story of Airline (optional):had a incident with captain sumsulburger landing in Hudson and all souls aboard servived merged with american airways

Airline Name: American Airways
Possible Appearance: (American Airlines)
Type of Travel: regional domestic international
Type of Planes:Boeing,airbus crj, bombaider
Back-story of Airline (optional):merged with US Airlines


Airline Name: GATE2GATE
Possible Appearance: Black Fuslage with white writing "GATE2GATE"
Type of Travel: Low Cost Airline, International, Domestic and Regional (LongHaul, MediumHaul and ShortHaul)
Type of Planes: A320,A350, A380, B737, B717, B787 B747,B1900D, ATR72-500, DASHQ300 and DASHQ400 (models rough idea but defintley B717 )
Back-story of Airline:
Passengers not being able to afford full service airlines, Gate2Gate have started up with great success offering passengers a lower cost fare with getting passengers from Gate to Gate quickly and on time … They have started up in the most remote city in the world of Perth and have expanded rapidly due to the success the airline is achieving. expanding into all parts of Australia, New Zealand Asia and Europe with a few flights operating into the west coast of USA.


And they only ever arrive or depart from your airport if it starts in Yorkshire? Because if it’s outside Yorkshire, it ain’t worth going to!


I’m sorry if someone already suggested this. Haven’t had time reading all suggestions. My suggestion follows.

Biscuits Arways (British Airways)
Everything else like British Airways. (I don’t know all the facts :slight_smile: )


Merchant Airways

This airline is for the wealthy businessman who pays to look fresh for his business meeting after a 12hour flight. The airline only operates to airports that can cater for their high end costumers and only expects the best services. Their planes are quality checked after every flight so your airport better have the best maintenance hangar, best catering cervices and happy staff. They keep to their schedule so be prepared to pay a hefty fine if your airport operations causes delays.

The airline operates a business class only configuration Boeing 777 and Boeing 737 fleet, all painted in gold. So expect small number of passengers per flight who are willing to pay for their premium services.


CheapJack airlines

The service is in the name. This airline caters for the budget flyer who doesnt care for safety and fancy services. Most airports wont accept CheapJack airlines due to their poor quality airplanes, disregard for passenger safety and general bad airline management. But a new airport desperately seeking lots of passengers who enjoys shopping could find CheapJack to be just the airline.

They operate old Boeing 707 planes that have been configured to fit as many passengers as possible. Planes brake often and delays are common, often leaving passengers for days stranded in the airport.


I made a “Concept Logo” for Gate2Gate. Do you think this fully explains the airline? :grinning:


Airline Name : ScandinAviation

Appearance : A Nordic cross with the vertical line at an angle so it goes up the vertical stabilizer. The border of the cross should be dark blue with the cross being a deep red. The rest of the plane should be white. The logo should be running along the cross border.

Type Of Travel : Medium Haul international flights to all the Scandinavian countries, Greenland, Russia, The Baltic States, The Faroe Islands, Northern England, Scotland, Northern Poland, North Germany and Eastern Canada (via Reykjavík).

Type Of Planes : Mostly Airbus A320’s, with Dash 8’s for less populated destinations and short haul domestic flights.

Backstory of Airline : Formed by the joining of many different Scandinavian airlines to compete with other larger airlines.


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