Let's Discuss: Aircraft


1: has to be the BA 146.

2: southwest airlines, just watch a timelapse of DAL.

3: any water landing plane. They are either really ugly or odd looking.

4: any A380

5: of course.

  1. Boeing 747-8i
  2. Singapore Airlines
  3. Fokker 100
  4. Singapore Airlines A350-900ULR
  5. Of course
  6. Embraer E-Jet E2 family


What is your favorite aircraft?

747-400 - The bigger the better from the imagination perspective. 737-800 for the practical purposes… bigger, faster, and a whole lot a power… to quote my 13 year old son when he first flew this summer compared to an older 737-700 that was heavy… Now that’s an airplane as the 800 throttled and put him back in his seat.

2. In your opinion, which airline best operates their aircraft?
Southwest - Keep it simple. 737s or nothing. Can’t wait to see the 737-800 Maxs start to enter their fleet.

3. Which aircraft is your least favorite?
Don’t have one really… airplanes fascinate me to no end.

4. What aircraft on which airline would you like to fly next?
Quantas A380 Luxury class from LA to Sydney wouldn’t be a bad ride… at like 20k per seat…

5. (slightly off-topic) Do you like to fly on planes?
hellz yeah. Bucket list item is to have some sort of selfie/trinket from every major hub in the world before I die. Airports are simply amazing places, architecturally, culturally, economically, people watching, etc. Just love airports.

6: What aircraft do you want next in ACEO?
747s and A380s