Let's discuss future light aircraft


You are right. But right now we have the Cessna 182 as GA and Commercial Plane. Maybe this will change in the future ;), but the HondaJet could also be both.


I agree.


The 182 is not in the game as a light aircraft. (it can only seat 4 people, including pilot). I think you’re confused with the Cessna Caravan. :wink:


Good point, I would move out 182 out of the commercial planes. I never sign a deal with airlines that operate pure 182’s. I think that for commercial purposes we should have a/cs with capacity above 10 pax.


Don’t forget we also have an outstanding request for an “FBO terminal”. That is the spot for some of the biz-aircraft listed in this topic. :wink:


Flying Car.


That is still very much in mind, but not quite yet.