Lets go again ~ Expert TSH

Lol, I never have experienced that in my games, the margins on small planes are far better, compared in ROI as medium and large ones.

The amount of staff and infra costs you need to turn around a fleet of medium and large planes is enormous.

See here, 33% profit on turnover. I dont have that with medium and large planes.

Realize, this is an expert game, with broken event cooldown timers on the Oil Crises, Economy Crashes, Pandemic and Vulcanos. Which are running on my field non stop. Also, I disabled night fligths to cope with the bouncing flights of Volcanos. So, this is just daytime production.

I get 3200 income per flight atm on all my small landings, from all contracts. While I dont even turn around 100% of offered flights. So, I could extend my small stands if I wanted too.

I am used to Schiphol, my field is friendly compared to that.


Read here how this is disaster on a daily basis;


After all complaints, I aimed for a 9 width taxi-lane system this time :smiley: (edit; oh… planes are still bigger).

Ever build a 2 mil terminal block?

Or secure zoned it :smiley:

Added a stairs, just for workers.

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Let me present the; all contracts fit for sure restaurant design.

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Moving out of my old terminal. The reason why I have done a lot of demolishing over time :smiley:

Already spend 10 mil building / rebuilding / moving stuff. ~ airport has been open continuously.

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Last bits being removed.

Small terminal getting form

Large terminal prepared, cannot upgrade before I create a large checkin / security area, that is why the old terminal had to be removed.

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