Let's suggest the next aircraft!


F-18 Hornet. :stuck_out_tongue:


E-3 and KC-135 :smiley:


Why do all the all say A320? B737-600 is very alike, and for long range routes we need the A321-LR


Well, for one, the A320 needs 1200ft less runway


True, but the A320 has shorter range and less capacity


According to this site that’s not true :slight_smile:
An Airbus can hold 40 more passengers and 2700lbs more cargo. and has 75 miles longer range


Oh, I thought you were comparing the A321-LR to the A320. A320 IS better than B736, I just think the A321 would be a good fit


Boeing 717-200

Imagine the eyebrow windows looking up at you as it sits @ the gate!!!


A321 has 100 miles less range than the Boeing, it does indeed have a whopping 10.000lbs more cargo capacity , a lot more passengers, but does need an 8000ft runway


All in all, it would be a nice addition to the fleet :smiley:


What about A321-LR? For long range routes

Edit: The A321 LR has 4,000 miles of range, just looked it up myself.


That site doesn’t have stats for that version. Only the neo

Edit: 800 miles more than the regular A321, that’s pretty good


I think the next aircraft should depend on the development of the game. Is there a heavy gate already implemented? If so a widebody (possibly with two front doors to test two jetway gates) would be the best.
In my opinion the A330-200 would be the best, because we dont have Airbus yet.


I would really enjoy planes such as:
A319/320/321 Neo and the older versions

Boeing 737-800
Boeing 737-8 max
Boeing 757
Boeing 767
Boeing 777
Boeing 787
Boeing 747-400 and -8

Cs 100
Cs 300

Dash 8

Embraer Planes

I must say I am not a huge fans of the Twin Otters or the Cessna Caravans. Not as planes as such but for them being used in actual airline service. I know they are used in the Maldives and in the Seychelles but I have never really seen them in Europe (where I live). I would like it more if they would just be used for the GA and not really pull up to actual gates.


I would like to see next the Embraer 195 and the CS 100 & 300.


Boeing 757-200


Definitely a fan of the 757-200 :wink:


I would really like to see planes like B 707 and A320


I am fan of the interiors of this plane.


Military aircraft would be cool