Let's suggest the next aircraft!


I’m definitely hoping to see the Airbus A319 and maybe the DC10


I would like some routes to the UK, Ireland, that can be handled by A321-LR, B757.




I see a lot of the A318 A319 A320 A321 family votes!

Interesting to see if they’ll go with this suggestion!

@Olof and @Fredrik, you might want to see this topic! :slight_smile:


They see all Nace…you should know that :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course they do! Just a little nudge of influence… LOL!

In all honesty though, I’m excited to see what they decide to regardless. There’s so many options to go with, so many variations, and even airlines to sort them into.


Very true. Just don’t forget they already have a hefty workload with getting the game released, the contest and implementing that… It might be a while before they add new types of aircraft :slight_smile:


Like @pderuiter says, it’s you and not them who started this topic. That means that they aren’t obligated to take this topic into account… :stuck_out_tongue:


No need to fuss, I was being facetious about at all. I’m well aware of their workload​, and all the stuff they have to do, as well as the stuff that they have to implement.

I meant tagging them all in good fun.

EDIT: My opinion is important too!! LOLOLOL :joy:

In all seriousness, I’m not expecting anyone to bow down to me or anything.



Is the front gear on the building??:fearful::scream::cold_sweat:


The back gear looks like it’s on a different part of the building too, LOL!!


787-9 my favorite plane


your forgetting the fact of size the 787 isn’t just a 787 there are 787-8 787-9 787-10 and one 787 model never made 787-3


737 MAX series


The spruce goose



I agree wholeheartedly, this should be in the game. In fact, screw releasing the game. I’m not playing until this is in!


I would say a380


The devs do not have stands, runways, or taxiways big enough for A380. The biggest they could handle is probably 757-200


Yeah an A380 and B747 would be nice, but first we need bigger stands and a running game ;). I would be happy with B737 and A320 families for the beginning and some large, modern airliners later.
I think Olof and Fredrik will implement all common airliners when the game is running quite well :slight_smile: