Let's suggest the next aircraft!


You are going to belly land a plane made of wood?? Not a nice idea. (Spruce goose didn’t have wheels i guess)


Haha yeah it’s a waterplane :slight_smile:


It works in Warthunder!


If we’re not ready to upscale yet (the devs will know where they’re at), then perhaps the Embraers 175 and 195 would be good aircraft to add next? Brilliant planes, love flying on them, look great and would complement the existing fleet well. If the devs aren’t ready to go for bigger 737s/A320s, then Embraers may be the way to go?


Sukhoi Superjet 100-95

Really unique plane!


Boeing all series and the tu154m


B737 family
A320 family
B757 family
Embraer 190 / 195 family
bombardier cs100 / cs300
mitsubishi mrj70 / mrj90

Also can be interesting show only the aircraft family without the model, like you now that company use A320 family but on the airpport can land A319/320/321.
[sorry if some words are incorrect]


The Devs currently do not have any airbus or embraer,though I do think E195 and A321 would be nice additions :grinning:


DO 328 +DO 328J. Ideal small commuter a/c
British Aerospace Avro RJ70/85/100RJ. Getting long in the tooth I know but still popular and good stol stats.


I would like to see these types of aircraft implemented into the game.

Dash-8 q 400
Dornier 328 j
King Air - B200
Pilatus -PC 12
Airbus A320 neo
Airbus A321 neo
Boeing 777 family
Boeing 787 family
Airbus family in general
Boeing 737 max
Boeing 747
Bae Jetstream 32
Md-80 family
Airbus A380
Boeing 757


Maybe the Short 360, the older brother to the Skyvan.:airplane:



  • 146-100
  • 146-200
  • 146-300


  • RJ-100
  • RJ-85
  • RJ-70


I would like to see the following planes in the game:
Sukhoi Superjet 100
Embraer 175/195

Tupolev 204/214
Boeing 737 Classic
Airbus a319 / 320/321

Ilyushin 96-300 / 400
Airbus A330-200 / 300
Boeing 757-200


Something big!


Yeah I want to see an a380 or a B747 series coming into my airport but I’m not sure where the Devs are in optimizing the gameplay… So 500 odd passengers all getting of a plane at once might not be a good idea


I think I have seen somewhere that the biggest plane ACEO can currently handles is a A330 or B767. :slight_smile:


Well the biggest aircraft that’s in the game is the B737-600, which is a narrow body aircraft. The 767 can also fit in the stands, which is wide body, but larger wide body aircraft like the B747 will likely require a larger stand.

I personally think that wide-body aircraft don’t need to be implemented until after early access release. :airplane:


Its on the picture at the site, look at the bae-146 picture


Thanks, I’ve edited my post to reflect that. :smiley:


I am testing the poll feature, did not know anyone could do it! I am doing 5 aircraft, you can vote on 1 or 2. The 5 planes are Embraer 195, Airbus A321, Boeing 757-200, Airbus A330-200, Boeing 767-400. This is just to give the devs a general idea of what the next aircraft should be, when the time comes. :slight_smile:

  • Embraer 195
  • Airbus A321-200
  • Boeing 757-300
  • Boeing 767-400
  • Airbus A330-200

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Here it is! :grinning:

Edit: Doing some larger planes to help balance out the fleet, sorry if your suggestion is not up here.