Let's suggest the next aircraft!


Personally, I think that a larger planes should be implemented. A321 would be good for medium haul, and 767 would be great for transatlantic/transcontinental. :slight_smile:

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you missed 787
look how many 787 is on this topic


Sadly, the 787 is not able to be handled yet, the biggest is the A330.


@Ryan You do realize that everyone wants different aircraft, not just the 5 you listed? That’s why I created this topic, to see what they each want, not just specific aircraft in a list. XD


Also, if the A330 fits, the 787 fits, too. The Boeing is smaller. :relieved:


Forgive me if this is wrong, but the reason the Boeing does not fit is the width, not the length. The 787 has an additional seat in each row, while the A330 is a couple rows longer.


The 787 is 30 cm wider but that doesn’t matter for the gate. It just means that the connector doesn’t have to reach out 15 cm less to reach the plane. The “box” in which the plane fits is smaller for the 787 compared to the A330.
The A330-200 covers in that regard more area than the 787-8. A330-300 more than the 787-9. :airplane_small:


The thing that actually matters is aircraft length and wingspan, not number of seats or width of fuselage.

If they’re modeling the current jetbridge gate as a Code C/Group III gate (which it looks like they are, judging by how the 737 fills the gate area), then a B767 will also not fit in the current gates.

A321/B757 is pretty much the largest aircraft you can get into the current gates.


That was for a certain stand size; The 767 probably uses a different stand. :slight_smile:


I just saw in a shot from DevLog 34, that for a stand there were “A318/B717”, A321/B737, and B767/A330. While this has changed, devlog 65 also has the same thing. Perhaps @Olof and @Fredrik can clear things up? :slight_smile:


The A321 is in the lead, I voted for it too! :grin: The wide-bodies are at the bottom!



I am closing the poll, the A321 is far more popular than the other planes, and won.

First Place: A321-200

Second Place: E195

Third Place: A330-200

Fourth Place: B757-300

Fifth Place: B767-400


again missed 787 and later 737 models with winglets


Ok, ok. perhaps I will do another poll, but not now.


How’d you take over my topic with polls? LOL


Would love to see some smaller commuter planes like the;

Metroliner 3

Dornier 328

Jetstream 31/32/41



And the Embraer EMB120 Brasilia!


Here is an image of the short 330


New pole for aircraft (long passangers haul) you can pick 2 awnsers

  • 787 series
  • 777 series
  • 747 series
  • A340
  • A350
  • A380

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