Let's suggest the next aircraft!


The pole will be closed by Sunday


I do want to see wide bodies at my airport, it would be cool to see a 747 next to CRJ700 :grin:

Edit: I picked 777 and 787 yesterday, I just think it would be cool for 747.


so far a triple 7s and a 787 are in the lead but yeah totally agree


I want the Saab family, like the Saab 2000 and the Saab 340.
And the DC family.


I would love to see a Fokker 100! :heart_eyes:


Your mind is blocked! :stuck_out_tongue: We would just need bigger runways and stands in an upgrade! :grin:


Tomorrow the Pole will close at 12:00 noon PST


Do these have any impact? Don’t the devs generally post a poll when they are going to add new aircraft?


just a hint to the authors of what people want


Doubt any new aircraft are even on the radar now. Month or so to release, then they will probably ask for what new features should be next, maybe at that time they look to expand the fleet.


well they dont have much aircraft at the same time and no long haul


They have 7 aircraft already, and they’ve said that they will implement larger aircraft after early access release.


Can’t wait to see Maple planes in service on my PC, i loved your design.


Yes but at the same time I know it’s their choice but as a community and supporting the game we like to show the way we would like the game to go


Me too! But it wasn’t me who designed Maple :astonished:; credit goes to @thetuque


In 1 hour 20 minutes the poll will close


Here are the leaders of the pole coming in #1 777 with 41% of the vote 2nd place goes to the 787 with 39% of the vote 3rd place bgoes to 747 with 34% of the vote 4th place goes to A350 with matching The 747 34%of the vote in 5th place A380 with 26 % of the vote and finally in last place A340 with 14% of the boy thanks to all who took part in this pole a new pole will be posted soon for mid haul and then short haul/regional and eventually cargo


Shouldn’t all polls be moved to the new poll thread?


It can stay for now, because if it is moved I think it clears all the votes. But next poll should be in the Random Poll thread.


will do for next pole for mid haul